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Marketing trends

2 important marketing trend in post-pandemic period

Marketing trends have changed a lot from 2020. It was the year that we will never forget. Still, the pandemic is very strong but there are signs that people are going back to normal lives. Today we will talk about the two very important marketing trends. It will be not only for business owners but people who are artists or musicians. For instance, how to get more popular on SoundCloud and buy soundcloud followers. How to put your music in front of the right listener and even increase your ‘name’ as a business project. 

Amazon as the best friend

If 2020 has revealed a trend, it’s Amazon-bashing! Overnight, Jeff Bezos’ firm was the subject of a witch hunt aimed at accusing it of being responsible for all the evils experienced by French traders during the Covid-19 pandemic. For us, this simply reflected the fact of not taking up the delay taken by companies in their transition to digital.


Not taking advantage of Amazon as a visibility and distribution channel for your products is to deprive yourself of a presence on the leading e-commerce site.


Amazon also has 11,000 French and EU small businesses that sell on its site. However, this figure is low compared to our European neighbors. A sign that there is still room for a lot of new sellers! These small businesses considered as third-party sellers by Amazon represent 58% of sales on the site, proof that these players constitute the DNA of this “big bad wolf”. Finally, Amazon indicates that these 11,000 French companies and 8,000 Belgian companies achieved an average turnover of 35,000 euros between June 2019 and May 2020.


The study carried out by the EU consumer association in 2020 shows that the majority of Internet users favor Amazon to search for products on the web. If you are an e-merchant, this means that by being visible on Amazon, you are reaching buyers directly. Unlike the Google search engine on which you will be visible for transactional queries, of course, but also informational!

Voice control becomes the norm

The trend of voice control can be explained directly by the massive adoption of voice assistants in our homes and cars: Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa. For a few years now, more and more people have been using their voice to activate specific actions: playing music, asking for the weather, setting alarms and getting directions with their GPS. However, the majority of voice commands used are intended only for these few actions.


In addition to voice control, voice search, which is integrated in almost all smartphones, computers and televisions, makes it possible to carry out a search via an engine. Here again, your voice will allow you to obtain information. With that in mind, optimizing your site content to be cited as a voice response can be an opportunity for your business . To do this, you should know that Google uses in most cases the information displayed in Position 0 of its results page.


Often, this position, synonymous with a single answer, is displayed when a question is submitted in the engine. It is therefore up to you to target the questions most sought after by users and to answer them with relevance via a text on a page of your site. Do not hesitate to use free tools to identify the most asked questions on a topic. 

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