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5 digital marketing trends in 2021

Today we will talk about the five important marketing tips in 2021. Pandemic has shown that offline businesses are not worth big money because they might be closed anytime. That’s why big businesses are looking for online ways to get more traffic and sell more product-services. Today we share five interesting digital marketing tips for 2021.

Improving content quality


This trend can be called eternal, the demand for quality content is growing every year. For example, before it was possible to add 100 – 500 keywords to the text and go to the TOP, but now the algorithms of search engines / social networks and the users themselves, first of all, look at what benefit the content brings, how it is designed, and how interesting it is. For promotion, such indicators as the level of engagement, viewing depth, and reach, which directly depend on the quality of the content, have become important. Keep in mind that  all content components should be of high quality – content, visual, idea. You can create cool post text for social media, but bad visuals will ruin the experience and will not lead to the desired result.


Increasing the number of native ads


Users are tired of direct advertising – intrusive and aggressive, and frankly, they have not been using it for a long time + they have formed banner blindness. Focus your efforts on creating native ads, and partner with influencers.


There will be more expert content


The need for expert content is growing. Users read your blogs, watch YouTube channels, and subscribe to social media to get value, not just gaze at a pretty picture. Take advantage of this, create useful content, increase engagement, and drive brand engagement. Show how to use your product, make a selection of useful life hacks, make a training video. For example, you are selling multicooker. Create a series of videos or posts about how to choose a multicooker, the difference between a ceramic bowl and a regular one, and an overview of modes.


There will be even more video content


Users consume more video content, and the popularity of Tik-Tok, Stories, YouTube only confirms this. Invest in videos. Shoot videos about the merits of the product, stories about the life of the company, backstages, instructions explaining the video for the product, conduct live broadcasts. More video content means that there will be more streamers. Streaming industry is growing along with YouTube and Twitch. It was the biggest gaming platform for a few years and Twitch now added more industries. Today the platform is one of the biggest streaming sites that Amazon bought for $1 billion. Marketers buy Twitch followers, stream for many hours and get very active in the chat. That’s the easiest strategy to dominate the streaming space on Twitch.


You will need to pay more attention to the usability of the site


We have already seen how search engine algorithms have changed in 2019-2020 towards user friendliness. Search engines have learned to promote really useful content and convenient, high-quality sites, and not written on the knee and stuffed with keywords. In 2021, behavioral factors will have an even greater impact on site rankings. Analyze how user-friendly your site is. Conduct a UX audit, identify errors or interface weaknesses that affect the length of time spent on the site and conversion. 


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