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6 Marketing tips to focus in 2021

Marketing is going to change in 2021. The pandemic and lockdown was very different, so many offline businesses rushed to the digital platform. The competition is rising and creativity is on the top of the world. That’s why marketing trends and tips are going to change in 2021. Today we will focus on a few aspects of the marketing that are going to dominate 2021.


Spotify and SoundCloud for musicians

If you want to promote tracks and albums online, then you’ve come to the right place. First of all, Spotify and SoundCloud are the best. Secondly, you can buy Spotify followers and plays to get better organic reach. Spotify had a really good feature – the algorithm can pick-up tracks randomly from musicians and promote. If you have lots of followers and get thousands of plays, you’ll get an organic boost from Spotify’s algorithm itself.

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Video creation

Video is becoming the most valuable commodity in digital marketing. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live, Netflix, and even Instagram with its IGTV are a chance to get as much out of the brand as possible about the product. In addition, these platforms allow you to transfer any video from TV to your phone, which greatly increases your reach. The latest report found that 95% of consumers watch videos explaining a product or service. Accordingly, by publishing copyright videos, companies always interact with their customers.

Among the features of the video, it is worth highlighting:

  • telling the story of the brand;
  • quick explanation of the benefits of the product;
  • inviting consumers to certain events.
  • In addition, special attention should be paid to live videos. It is incredibly popular with most of the web users. One of the proofs is the successful implementation of the live streaming feature on Instagram. Many users spend about three times more time watching live videos than pre-recorded ones.


Buyable Posts

How to get a consumer to switch from a page on a social network to an online store? This question has been one of the key questions among most companies for several years. But this is not necessary today. Because it became possible to buy goods directly through the publication.

Such posts are designed to reduce the number of actions that a user must take to purchase a product. That is, now you do not need to write to direct or go to the site. Indeed, on the publication itself there is information about the price and size, as well as a link for ordering.

60% of Instagram users claim that they find new products for themselves through this social network. A similar answer was given by about 70% of Pinterest users . Both platforms took note of these facts and provided a shoppable posts feature.

Given the growing popularity of social networks and their role in the life of every consumer, such posts will become indispensable for any company.


Data Visualization

In addition to video content, attention needs to be paid to visualizing certain data through simple images or graphics. For example, tell the consumer about your recent successes, not in text form, but through a pie chart.

Plain text will always be a very important part of marketing. But it loses its effectiveness without visual elements . Images and graphics that carry a semantic load are always additional interaction. Accordingly, the user will receive more useful information, as well as spend more time on your website or page on a social network.

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Multichannel Marketing

Now more than ever, people are carefully evaluating where they spend their money. They want to invest in brands that respect and value their consumer. Therefore, they analyze a huge amount of resources before making a purchase.

That is why it is very important today to promote a brand through as many sources as possible. Multichannel marketing allows you to:

  • Track the interactions of potential buyers;
  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Pay attention to details;
  • Get more information about the consumer.


Image Search

Go to your phone gallery and check the Screenshots folder right now. Most of you will see at least 100 screenshots there. The lion’s share of the images will be taken by screenshots of clothing, digital technology or other products.

By using any of these images in a Pinterest search, you should be able to find the brand that produced the product. Accordingly, if you wish, you can make a purchase.

Image search isn’t just about making things easier for netizens. It’s also part of digital marketing. Most brands have Pinterest accounts, which gives them more reach and sales.

Consumers have been using this feature for a long time. It is especially relevant in cases where they have not remembered the brand name or simply cannot find the right search query. Therefore, image search is one of the digital marketing trends in 2021.


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