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7 Unique Waterproof Timepieces for Your Water Journeys

Whether you’d like to use your wristwatch on the beach during a weekend break or when you go backpacking, having some form of water-resistant timepiece wouldn’t hurt. Get a waterproof wristwatch that could get as wild and crazy as you do with whether you’re swimming or surfing. First and foremost, just because a watch is labeled waterproof does not imply that you can put it on and dive into the sea with it. Check the watch’s specifications first, waterproofing is measured in water pressure and is indicated in either 10 atmospheres (atm) of pressure or meter (m) depth units.


Deep-sea divers should select a diving-specific timepiece that is certified to depths of 1,000 meters. Monitoring your watch can take on any underwater activities you have prepared; choose one with big, bright dials that can be read in the dark and underwater. Here are some of the most recommended waterproof watches.


1.  TAG Heuer Formula 1

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Stainless Steel watch’s racing title suggests itself. The black-and-steel color scheme on these TAG Heuer watches is well coordinated with the racetrack-style markings, which have a tinge of winning red. The incredibly attractive design is also utilitarian, including the greatest level of waterproofness at 660 feet, a fine-brushed stainless steel case is all present for a reason, and Swizz quartz movement.


2.  Vincero Altitude Watch

This is a lovely timepiece with a large vintage face that is readable even in dark. Despite its appearance, it is lightweight enough to fit thinner wrists. Its gorgeous faded leather strap, which looks soft and pliable on the wrist, makes it a flexible piece for donning anyplace. This wristwatch is ideal for coastal travelers, has a second time zone, and is water-resistant to 100 meters, but Vincero advises wearing it for swimming but not deep diving. Leather isn’t suitable for regular use in the water, but you may replace it with steel or mesh straps.


3.  Nixon The Siren

If you’d like to pay less than $141, this eye-catching brilliant canary-yellow number is a good choice, particularly if you favor digital over analog. The simple, somewhat retro clock face, which is readable and has a large, clear date display. The waterproofing to 100-meter is ideal for committed ocean-goers who want to explore both above and below the water’s surface. While not a smartwatch, it does show low and high tides periods, which is handy for open water swimmers and surfers. The compact, durable rubber strap dries quickly as well. There are men’s and women’s variants, as well as more subdued pastel, grey, and black colorways.


4.  Accurist Diver’s Style Watch

The orange tint of Accurist’s wristwatch, which was designed for rugged expeditions, is anything but subtle. The shockproof silicone strap and sturdy stainless steel case safeguard the watch from scrapes and bruises, and during testing, we discovered that the grippy, ventilated band kept place and felt fantastic on the wrist even when jogging or splashing for extended distances. Despite its greater size, the watch wears light and pleasant on narrower wrists. This watch is great for divers due to its 200-meter waterproofing and illuminating displays. This is a version that punches above its weight in terms of performance and submergible depth, and also a steal at around $127.


5.  Victorinox Maverick Watch

Victorinox, the creators of the Swiss army knife, also creates timepieces of exceptional design and quality. If you’re looking for a timepiece that you can wear to work while also diving and swimming, this one checks all the boxes. A durable stainless steel bezel surrounds an effortless, scratch-resistant watch face that indicates the date and time, and a matte leather strap gradually relaxes and molds to your wrist for relaxation. There is also a thinner and larger variant, as well as variants with stainless steel straps that are perfect for ocean travel. All of these designs weigh more than 92g, if you want a wristwatch that you barely notice while it’s on, go for something a little lighter.


6.  Victorinox I.N.O.X Professional Diver Titanium

Victorinox’s professional diver is the pinnacle of luxurious but tough water-resistant watches. Its titanium body is 200-meter waterproofed, comes with a detachable plastic bumper you can pop on to guard the device against damage, making it nearly bombproof, and features a spinning bezel for recording time spent underwater. Carry it on the ground with the plaited parachute cord strap, which is airy and comfortable on the wrist. Replace it with the accompanying strong rubber strap, which is meant to fit over a wetsuit. We appreciate how adaptable, dependable, and adventure-proof this attractive watch is, and well worth the value.


7.  Withings Hybrid Smartwatch

Withing’s product is an excellent balance between analog wrist wear and smartwatch, a nice-looking classic watch face with a little smartwatch screen incorporated in it. It only displays basic statistics on the wristwatch, but it aligns to your phone to monitor jogging, biking, and swimming in greater detail, and if you do get it wet, it’s waterproof up to 50 meters. The battery life is a respectable 25 days, and with simply changeable bands, this rose gold model is one of the most exquisite weatherproof watches examined.


Final Thoughts

If you’re going to buy a good quality waterproof timepiece, you’re going to want to keep wearing it on land as well as in water, so choose a strong design, preferably with a shockproof outer case. Also, do not change the battery on your new watch alone, and stop wearing it in hot environments such as baths and spas. Clean your watch in freshwater after using it in salt water to prevent the salt from dissolving any sections.


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