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8 Tudor Watches That You Need to Know

How can you discuss Tudor without addressing its much more well-known twin, Rolex? In a nutshell, you don’t, and you can’t, which is probably part of the allure of the company. But dive a little further and you’ll find that this isn’t just a Crown’s ‘diffusion’ collection; it’s a freestanding – and stand-alone – series in its own right. And it has recently been creating some of the most sought-after watches on the market.

Tudor has evolved in tandem with all of this work, both in terms of audience positioning (Lady Gaga and David Beckham have both joined as brand ambassadors) and in creating more of its calibers and modules in-house. Meanwhile, here are some of the finest Tudor watches you surely will like.

1.  Heritage Black Bay Chrono

It combines the marine origins of the Black Bay with the demands of the racing track – hence the etched tachymeter on the bezel – with a COSC-certified in-house movement. The “snowflake” hands and domed glass are classic elements of this timepiece. It has also been updated with a 41mm stainless-steel casing that has 200m water-resistant and a denim-effect jacquard-woven fabric strap. It is probably one of the most stylish and unique Tudor watches out there as it signifies classicism and modernity in one.

2.  Heritage Chrono Blue

The brand’s Heritage Chrono boasts a youthful enthusiasm, drawing influence from the brand’s colorful racing chronographs from the 1970s. Tudor did not focus on chronographs until 1970, even though it was formed in 1926. The timepieces that emerged, such as the “Homeplate” in 1970 and the “Monte Carlo” a year later, was a hit. The Heritage Chrono’s orange, blue, and mauve color combination pays homage to the former.

3.  1926

The 1926 in steel is a budget-friendly dress watch with sporting characteristics that pays homage to Tudor’s founding year. Considering this, it is neither a reworking or resurrection of any apparent historical timepiece, unlike many of the brand’s styles. Instead, it’s an exquisite, modest piece in its sense, with a textured dial highlighted only by a date window and lugs so small you hardly notice them. It accommodates any taste with 36 distinct combinations of size, material, and color.

4.   North Flag

With a yellow and black design and a sleek, unadorned bezel that gives it a contemporary feel, the North Flag is all professional. And rightfully so, for it was this watch that debuted Tudor’s first in-house movement, the caliber MT5621, back in 2015. It may not look like your typical Tudor wristwatch, but it has origins in versions from the 1970s, including the Ranger II.

5.  Black Bay Bronze

Pick the Black Bay Bronze if you’re seeking a watch that will last a lifetime. The bronze case progressively develops a patina over time, resulting in a somewhat different, more personal model for each subsequent owner. It’s quite macho while yet being very lovely.

6.   Black Bay 58 “Navy Blue”

When A Black Bay in Blue was released in summer 2020, it was a tremendous hit with the public. When it was released in August, its cool blue dial and blue bezel had fans all around the world clamoring to get their hands on one, with the original Black Bay 58 has already become a “waiting list” wristwatch. The color blue is a nod to the Tudor Submariners, which were originally worn by France’s Marine Nationale. The BB58 Navy Blue is widely referred to as the summer’s “it” timepiece.

7.  +Pelagos LHD

This left-handed limited run of Tudor’s famed diving watch has brilliantly lumed beige dial lines and contrasting red and black digits showing the date, in conjunction with its “snowflake” hands and bicolor ceramic. Collectors have nicknamed it “Roulette,” and it, along with the tastefully off-white markers and hands, provides a magnificent vintage feeling to a true, totally submersible tool watch. The real submersible with 43 mm case in titanium and steel and 50m water-resistance.

8.  Black Bay GMT

Tudor has something for you if you’re seeking a strong, trustworthy wristwatch with nostalgic excellent aesthetics and the extra benefit of displaying three time zones at once. It’s difficult to imagine a smarter investment than this model from the hero, the Black Bay line. The vintage-style anodized aluminum bi-color bezel is a nice touch as well. The newly refined, satin-finished, and polished 41mm steel case, as well as the COSC-certified self-winding manufacturing movement, are not to be overlooked. With a 200m water resistance and a 70-hour power reserve, this is sure to become the watch you never want to remove off your wrist.

Brief History of Tudor

Hans Wilsdorf, the father of Rolex and Tudor, is the undisputed king of the watch business. With Rolex, he made a significant contribution to the watch business, but it was with Tudor that he triggered a very outstanding prototype of what is now known as a “diffusion brand.”

He has the concept of creating a watch that may be marketed for a lower price than their Rolex watches while still maintaining the same level of dependability. He chose to start a separate company to produce and promote this innovative watch, which is today known as the Tudor Watch Company. That occurred in 1926, 21 years after the Rolex was first introduced. Rolex was to practically ensure the effectiveness of its watches while Tudor created its prestige at the moment.

When it came to marketing Tudor, the brand with which it was most closely identified became a symbol of quality as well as a good benchmark for pricing. The Oyster Prince, introduced in 1952, was Tudor’s first “hero” model, combining two Rolex upsides: the legendary perpetual self-winding movement and a waterproof “Oyster” case.

The release of the company’s first alarm watch and its slimmest ever wristwatch, the Oysterthin, measuring just 6mm thick, established 1957 as a breakthrough year for the company. Over years, the brand created its groundbreaking pieces that led them to where they are right now. To mention a few, there they have the Submariners, Pelagos, and the most popular line, the Black Bay with GMT and Heritage behind it.

Final Thoughts

The fact that you can have Rolex-designed craftsmanship at a significantly lesser price is maybe the most crucial reason why Tudor watches have become so prominent. This has made purchasing a luxury wristwatch much more accessible, attracting collectors and speculators to older models as well as contemporary models.


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