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Q&A: Stock charting software for forex day trading?

Question by : Stock charting software for forex day trading?
What is the best stock charting software for forex trading out there?

Best answer:

Answer by john g
MT4 is the best charting software for trading Forex because you can utilize alot of technical tools to analyse the market

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ForexPeaceArmy | Sive Morten EURUSD Daily 02.21.12

Professional Forex Trading analysis by Sive Morten with Forex Peace Army. Videos are recorded fresh daily to help forex traders stay profitable. 

Professional Forex Trading analysis by Sive Morten with Forex Peace Army. Videos are recorded fresh daily to help forex traders stay profitable.
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Q&A: Who is the best forex broker in the market?

Question by Ajentha: Who is the best forex broker in the market?
In forex market who is the best broker?
Like tight spread in all condition, allow scalping

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Answer by Forex Price Trader
I think you’ll find that they each have their own pros and cons. I personally trade with Oanda, because they have really tight spreads, although they do get larger when big news comes out. They do allow you to scalp. The only real downside is the leverage isn’t that great.

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Best Forex Trading Platforms Announces New Website Launch

(PRWEB) February 05, 2012 

Best Forex Trading Platforms has announced the launch of their new website, located online at The site is a review style website that is designed to provide visitors with the most essential facts about each of the most successful Forex trading platforms available. 

The owners of this website have been around the Forex industry for many years now and also have several other sites pertaining to forex trading. They have become one of the more reputable names among the online Forex market and continue to develop their online presence. Their goal has always been to bring the best and most useful information to their readers in order to help them become better investors in the Forex market. 

The primary goal of the new website is to provide a master list of Forex trading platforms that are thoroughly tested and approved after an in-depth trial phase, according to the site owners. The recommendations at Best Forex Trading Platforms have all been shown to be safe and secure for anyone who is interested in trading Forex. 

One of the new website’s major features is the comparison chart: The Forex trading platforms are listed on a comparison chart on the site’s home page. The chart lists each platform by name, any bonus being offered by the program, and lists if the program is compatible with mobile devices. 

In order to rank in the top five trading platforms on this site, a program has to first be tested by the site owners and operators and have proven earning potential, say site owners. Another Forex trading program feature that helps forex sites to rank well on their top list is the availability of bonus offers. At press time, these platforms are offering bonuses that range from $ 1000 to $ 10,000. The ability to access a Forex site from a mobile device such as a windows phone is another feature that will help Forex trading programs to rank among the best moneymaking platforms today since so many people now use their mobile phones or other devices like tablets to access the web and do their trading around the clock. 

Since some traders are looking for trading platforms with a very specific need, they have also included recommendation lists for several key categories of Forex trading including: Best US Forex Trading Platforms, the Best Forex Trading Bonuses, the Best MT4 Forex Trading Platforms, the Best Forex Trading Programs For Mobile Device Users, and the Best Forex Trading Platforms For Long Term Trading.

Platforms that are the best and most effective will be reviewed in detail on the site. At the time of the site debut, the Forex programs included eToro, HotForex, AvaFX, ForexYard, TradingPoint, Easy-Forex, LiteForex, Plus500, and the XForex platforms. Every area of the program, from the program technology to the customer support will be reviewed in detail so that site visitors can make an informed choice. 

Best Forex Trading Platforms also features articles and tutorials on how to start trading in the forex market, how to take advantage of the current stability of the market, how to make trades for maximum advantage, Forex market money management, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and how to take advantage of the significant moneymaking opportunities that Forex trading presents. 

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Forex-Blog “Brain Surgeon”

Forex trading without education is like going into a boxing ring without training…you will get beat up! Most uneducated forex traders are out of money and done trading in the first year. Most traders who are properly trained and are using proven signals and software, are still in Forex trading long after the first year and consider Forex as part of their permanent investment portfolio. Learn what it takes to successfully trade Forex in todays economic climate. Call 801-794-3021

GBPBot Set to Change the Forex Trading Landscape for Amateur and Professional Traders Alike

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 6, 2010 

Donald Lewis has done it again with the creation of his new automated expert advisor, GBPBot.

Known for his ultra-successful forex trading robots, Lewis’s research and development company continues to produce systems that will assist investors to make low-risk, automated trades on the forex markets.

For people seeking a unique investment system that requires little-to-no monitoring, GBPBot may be the right choice.

Forex trading robots are designed to take the emotion and indecision out of trading. Humans tend to make bad decisions, when those decisions are based on emotion. Removing emotional responses from trading seeks to minimize losses and maximize profit potential.

Lewis points out that foreign exchange markets move too quickly for inexperienced investors to make good decisions. That investors find it too hard to decide when a position needs to be closed and when it should remain open.

Lewis says, “It’s an emotional ride that just about guarantees you’ll be frozen with fear the very next time you decide to put on a trade. Scared money doesn’t make money.?

The GBPBot strategy is simpler. Customers download software onto their computers and run a short installation process. Once installation is complete the robot is ready to go. The GBPBot forex robot will trade automatically for the customer based on their stop-loss preferences.

Customers can begin trading with any amount. Inexperienced investors can choose to paper-trade with a demo account first to give them confidence in how the system operates.

Lewis has live trading results on his website along with results videos from GBPBot beta-testers.

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 01, 2012, a website that provides daily market analysis and news updates, has unveiled a new mobile application that allows users of Android phones to receive these critical updates directly to their mobile device. has been providing Forex traders with helpful market information since 2006, and with this new Android app, the company aims to expand its reach by making its regular market updates available to traders even when they?re away from their computers.

?Developing a mobile Forex application was the next obvious step in the continually evolving world of Forex,? says CTO Aviv Callander. ?Even traders who aren?t trading on their mobile phones should be able to stay on top of the markets so they?ll know when it?s time to place a trade.? 

Within the Android application traders can schedule their updates so that they receive them as frequently or infrequently as they wish. 

The app also offers traders the ability to receive a feed of all the latest news and updates, or to browse specific sections of interest by clicking on tabs for news, technical analysis, fundamental analysis or Forex articles. By using the tabs provided, traders can weed out information that they don?t need to focus only on the updates they find relevant., a leading portal for forex trading news has announced the launch of its free Android application which enables Forex traders to receive market updates wherever they are. The app allows traders to customize the frequency at which they get updates and to browse all updates or to filter them by topic.



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