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Car crash in Cedar Rapids

Car crash in Cedar Rapids: How much would an injury lawyer charge?

Iowa is a fault state. If you were injured in a car crash in Cedar Rapids and believe that the other party was at fault, you should consult an attorney to understand what your claim is worth. Even when you are partly responsible for the wreck, you may have the right to sue the other at-fault party, and hiring a Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyer will help you figure out the options. Most victims often have one question on their mind – “How much would it cost to get an attorney for my case?”

In this post, we are discussing some key details related to the cost of hiring an injury lawyer.

No hourly fee

It should give you some relief that injury lawyers don’t charge an hourly rate. In other words, they won’t track the hours they have spent fighting your claim. Investigating a serious car accident takes time, and an hourly fee agreement could be extremely expensive. Usually, lawyers take a contingency fee for such accident cases. The legal fee is a part of your settlement, which is an agreed percentage. The fee percentage may vary between law firms, but mostly, it is one-third of the final compensation.

Understanding the contingency fee

The contingency fee arrangement also depends on the facts of the case. For instance, if your lawyer cannot recover a fair settlement for your claim and decides to file a lawsuit, the contingency fee would be higher. Trials are expensive, require more work, and often take considerably longer. The attorney’s effort increases manifold when a car accident case goes to court. The fee agreement should be discussed with your lawyer in advance and must be mentioned in the contract you sign with them. Review the contract with your attorney to understand each and every detail.

The other expenses

An injury lawyer will also have to pay for other things, which are your liability. These expenses include the costs involved in obtaining medical records, fees of expert witnesses, court fees, postage, and in some cases, even travel expenses. The lawyer may help you with these costs, but eventually, you are expected to repay when you get a settlement.  

Because there is a price for engaging a lawyer, it is best to ensure that your claim is worth fighting for. A good injury lawyer will ensure you understand whether you should pursue the claim or accept the insurance offer.

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