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5 Cream Techniques To Share Your Videos Online changing world technologies

In the world of advanced communication levels,marketing plays a key factor to keep pace with this daily uprising business policies. Punching your marketing efforts online through the internet has recently emerged as a definite tool to post your business policies all round the web. Twitter, a social networking site, comes up with a helping  hand to provide you an extra edge over your competent business magnates. Facilities genuinely provided by the Twitter network guides you through this.

We, here at Tech-Tips-Geek, guide you through 5 cream processes to share videos through Twitter which you would be able to use in the safest and simplest way possible. This sharing videos online would certainly thrust a boost in your business attitude. A healthy competition already exists in the “Twitpic for video” domain, so we provide you with alternate services to do the same. Of the five different ways elaborated below, you will be able to upload Webcam recordings, and even track video mentions across Twitter.

Genuinely to reveal the truth,the presently available options have not been able to generate the attention of the general mass. The mass still remains almost clueless to the knowledge of this specified domain. Also to mention that some major desktop clients, namely  Tweetdeck and Seesmic desktop are specially praiseworthy to generate more video sharing applications online, but none still has hit the top. Communication in this field still remains incomplete.

Come let’s have a overview about the 5 cream processes.

1. Twitvid

It is of general interest that in the domain of sharing images and pictures Twitpic has a commendable performance. Its services rendered are almost unchallenged and unparalleled throughout. Keeping this pillar of success as a base, Twitvid , a new video sharing site has been brought into limelight. Video upload via net is a cream service that this site has to render to the general mass. Along with video uploading, email to and web cam image uploading are the two of the finest services provided to the users worldwide.

All you need to do is to log into Twitter with your personal specifications, select video files to be uploaded (Capacity 1 GB), entre at the most 117 characters and press the tweet button. Now you are on the go. If you chance to see that Twidvid is trying to become the twitpic of the video, do not be puzzled. Be certain, your process is on the right way of execution.

Twitvid displays all tweets credited to a particular video on the video pages instantly, a facility unmatched by TwitPic. Retwitting,sharing, and replying to a video are the genuine other convenient  facilities supported in this site.

2. Twiddeo

When the requirement to share upload and share video round the web is prime, you can also switch your accessibility option to Twiddeo. The face appearance is not distinguishably attracting, rather unappealing. But do not be carried away by the unattractive look it presents to you. This site presents with you with convenience at your footsteps. File sharing( video or image), email options, recording via Webcams are some of the immediate privileges offered in twitter network via this.

You can comment or have a short overview of allthe video files that a user has uploaded. Twiddeo’s greasemonkey script() is a common feature that Firefox users generally opt for. This facility provides with you with the privilege of playing videos right from the Twitter home page.

3. Twitc

Twitc is the most genuine convenient feature that has ever come up to help you in this domain.You can upload  multiple videos simultaneously, not to stop at this, importing videos with the help of URL’s also lend a helping hand to add to your convenience.Extra features on Twitc just requires some basics.

Before uploading photos you just need to do a require to name your albums(alike folders). While uploading your favorites, always be specific to name the folder designed previously. Last but not the least, return to the specified folder and selecting your favorite image, just hit the twitter stream.

Twitc also brings into focus some extra additional features which might be able to help you out. Not only can you update online your current Twitter network credentials, but also you can go a step ahead browsing for top rated,or most viewed or your most wanted video placed on the site. for this purpose no image or video is required. So go ahead, check it out!

4. twitLENS

twitLENS is an amazing tool that serves two purposes at a time and supports both video file sharing and image sharing through Twitter network. Multiple uploads at a single time is a distinguished feature that this site presents before you. Any anonymous file under the sun, any file within a capacity of 50MB including mobile photos can be uploaded.

Let me take you to the next stage about some magnificent information of twitLENS. For security purposes, to recheck the genuine identity of the user, it is the only application supporting Twitter OAuth. Also worth mentioning is that tagging names on video or image from the Twitter network becomes relatively easier and much more simpler. To do the same, all you need is to upload your favourite content, go back to your profile page, access the image or video and start tagging. All those tagged in will automatically receive tweets from your account that they have been embedded in your content that was uploaded. Now they too become enriched with the magnificent feature of twitLENS.

5. Tweetube

Tweetube has emerged as a major element for sharing videos online. Recently Tweetube ha s lent out a helping hand further to include Tweetube for Mac OSX. This is just a desktop application for creating videos with the use of Webcam. These videos can be shared and viewed via the Twitter network. Like all other previously mentioned applications, Tweetube also allows space for comments. Having no exceptions, multiple photo upload via mail, Webcam or multiple link sharing adds to the privileges of this astonishing site.

A major drawback of Twitter is desktop webcam recordings of length about 25 seconds acn be used. Still the service that Twitter renders is worth a note of appreciation. Constant  evolution or upgradation pf the prduct rendered by Twitter network may help the general mass in a efficient and more productive way. We are looking forward to Twitter to launch more applications to make video or image sharing easier, faster and more user friendly. That is what it needs to respond and meet the demands of the users all round the web.

Hope that at Tech-Tips-Geek, we have really been able to quench your thirst about the aforementioned topic. Hope you  will have a most wonderful time trying out the cream 5 processes discussed in details above. Go ahead, plunge yourself into the Twitter network, and use your resources. [Via Mashable]

Be on the run. Best of luck!!


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