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How to Use Right Long Tail Keywords: Blog SEO – contextmedia inc

Today, this tip is focus on how to use right long tail keywords which will increase more organic search of your post. I will not talk about how to conduct keyword research and selecting an appropriate amount of competition, but I only discuss about how to combine multi words to into one main keyword.

So what keywords

It hard for me to define the mean of keywords, however I will define its’ mean to word or phrase in your paragraph which effect to numbers of user search result. I mean that it is the primary word that you want your tip appeal on first page when users typed that word. For example: how, to use, long tail, keywords and etc.

What long tail mean

When you use only one or two word phrase as primary words for your tips I will call short tail. The short tail is a popular of users search term, but it will has millions result related to your term thus you will less chance to appeal on SERP. I recommend long tail, as you could see above example there were 4 words. And if you combined into one keyword phrase “how to use right long tail keywords” it will become long keywords phrase and more effective to search term. Anytime users type the exact match to above keywords phase your post will list in better position of SERP. However, even the exact keywords will list on the top, but if you choose none traffic term it will has no people search for it.

Tip how to use right long tail keywords

#1 do not too long

The length of your word phrase is one of important factors you should considerate for using of keyword term. Please imagine that you have 8 words in your primary words. How would you slice you keywords phrase into post with friendly blog SEO techniques and how to write a quality blog post for readers without any grammar error through repeat these 8 word long. Thus, please consider about length of primary word phrase. I recommend 4 to 6 words is more comfortable and easier for how to use right long tial keywords.

#2 try to reduce and avoid none benefit words

Some characters and words such as “the”, “a”, “of”, “an”, and “for” are none attractive which make your keyword none attractive and reduce your traffic. Thus, try to avoid using of these none attractive in your primary word phrase, if possible to skip it.

#3 do not separate by word (&, “, ‘, :, ‘)

Please see bellow example:

Ex. friend blog SEO optimizing social media marketing Facebook graph search.

Wow! Let me try: friendly blog SEO optimizing: social media marketing – Facebook graph search

#4 Natural

Learning of “how to use right long tail keywords” are very important, but however you have to make your articles natural. Please make sure that your keyword density is %3 to %5 through keeping the gap between hundreds keywords. Please make sure that you are a keywords stuffing.

How to Optimize Friendly Blog SEO With Facebook Graph Search – contextmedia inc

As what I promise, I will discuss with you about how to optimize friendly blog SEO with Facebook graph search. The new search engine is now coming too fast and will affect any bloggers who not responded to the change. Before, we just know that there were few search engines such Google, Bing, and Yahoo which we have to follow their guidelines and roles play. Recently, It has new search engine (Facebook graph search) was located on the internet market and will affect our blogging business.

What it is? Facebook, now it is not only the one of potential social media platforms. Now a day, it became the new search engine since it could query information from Bing and Yahoo directory. Therefore, it is high effort to our blog traffic. So to learn more about how to optimize friendly blog SEO with Facebook graph search is one of important lesson for internet bloggers (my new assignment).

Well, I don’t like learning and reading but I registered with busy university and business blogging. There were many lessons for me to learn and I have to do best with the lessons such penguin 2.0 updating, but now additional assignment: how to optimize friendly blog SEO with Facebook graph search. Thus, it is no choice for me. I have to learn and adapt the new change. How about you? Will you change or you will fail with examination and fall down your blog?

Actually, I never expect to learn about this lesson. But one day, I tried forum discussion and saw a search engine topic which I never heard it before. Therefore, I have written many topics related to Facebook social media strategy and graph search tool. Check related posts

#1 how to increase quality blog traffic via Facebook

#2 How to promote your blog via Facebook social media strategy

#3 Facebook graph search tool want to eat Google’s food

Above three tips is some information which I have researched about my new assignment of blogging university. Now I get new information about new role of search engine marketers, see bellow tips

Tip: How to optimize friendly blog SEO with Facebook graph search

#1 pays more attention on Bing and Yahoo

I am not a pro as Ryan but I have done well with social media strategy. I have joint many group discussion and build strong networking with other people amount social networking. Thanks god! I have done right way Facebook graph search without get know what I did it, but I absolutely did it. You know? My traffic report was show that now have big amount of traffic from Yahoo and Bing organic rather only Google. Reason, because now Facebook users could query information from Bing and Yahoo directly from the platform. I have submit my website to Bing webmaster since I great my blog.

#2 keeping relevant information of social media

Great! I don’t know that it is important for “how to optimize friendly blog SEO with Facebook graph search” until I got result from sticking own on interests. I followed many people who interested in blogging and internet marketing around social networking. I have many friends add me back because they found me through friends and interested search.

#3 social media promotion

Social media advertising is one of most important for “how to optimize friendly blog SEO with Facebook graph search”. I have spent around $70 for advertise my fan page with Facebook Ads. Thus, I have around 2k+ fan connects. The benefit is that whenever users search about what page their friends or friends-of-friends liked through the graph search tool I will more chance to be visible.


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