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E-Scooter Sharing App Development: Insight on Cost and How to Reduce It

Electric scooters are not just a tribute to modern fashion. It is a very practical and convenient means of transportation, which has become a necessity for a large number of advanced citizens. Especially for the convenience of users and to improve the efficiency of electric scooters, developers create appropriate e-scooter sharing apps for smartphones.


On the official resources Play Market and App Store today you can find e-scooter sharing apps for both products of a particular brand, and universal utilities. However, all of them have limited functionality. The best solution, in this case, is to develop your own e-scooter sharing app. Many entrepreneurs are wary of this option because they are afraid of the high cost of development. In this article, we’ll analyze how much does it cost to develop an e-scooter sharing app and how to reduce the price using the experience of RexSoft software development company.


What is the reason for the price of an e-scooter sharing app?


As we said earlier, the basis of e-scooter sharing is the mobile app. It is used to interact with customers, to control the movement and work of the park. And the basis of the price for the development of an e-scooter sharing app are the following factors:


  • Feasibility
  • Technology
  • Developers’ rates


Let’s start with the first one. A mobile e-scooter sharing app should be easy to use, understandable, and functional. The basic toolbar used by a client should include the following sections:


  • account;
  • history of all trips;
  • active services, promotions, bonus account;
  • fares, payment options;
  • the online map, available vehicles for specific areas;
  • routes.


With the help of the application the owner of the service should have the following features:


  • quick locking and unlocking of scooters;
  • generation of reports;
  • access to analytics;
  • tracking of each vehicle in real-time.


Regarding technology, you need to choose fast and convenient solutions that are not only the best fit for the purpose, but have a sufficient number of development experts who know how to work with them. In this ratio, the following solutions have proven to be the best:


Node js

A software development platform based on the V8 engine which transforms JavaScript from a highly specialized language into a general-purpose language. It can significantly reduce development time if you have a good Node js dedicated team by your side. 


React Native

A feature-rich development library that’s great for building applications for IoT devices. It has already proven itself in numerous e-scooter sharing app development projects.



This framework is great for creating cross-platform e-scooter sharing apps. With its help, you can significantly reduce the budget by developing a single application for all devices at once.


How much does it cost to develop an e-scooter sharing app?

And now the most sensitive moment, namely the direct figures. The biggest influence on the price of the final e-scooter sharing app product affects the amount of time spent on it, as well as developers’ rates. According to the data provided by RexSoft for one of their e-scooter sharing app projects, we get the following statistics:


  • Design – 80h; 
  • Application development – 360h; 
  • Back-end development/App API – 280h; 
  • Super Admin CMS – 140h; 
  • Device API – 160h. 


So, creating an e-scooter sharing app took 1,020 hours. Now let’s move on to the rates. They are very different from country to country. If in the US it is about $75/h, in Eastern European countries such as Ukraine it is about $40/h. 


How to reduce the development cost of e-scooter sharing app?


If in the case of the set of features and technologies it is not correct to make concessions, because it may lead to dissatisfaction of users, then the right choice of the development team can significantly reduce the number of resources required to create an e-scooter sharing app.


We have already written above that the difference in rates can vary a lot depending on the country. While e-scooter sharing app development in the USA will cost you around $76,800, an offshore development in Ukraine will only require $40,800. 


Outsourcing is very profitable for entrepreneurs from North America or Western Europe. Moreover, outsourcing companies often offer several pricing models, which allow the client flexibility in managing his budget. For example, you can choose to pay by the hour or hire a dedicated development team at a fixed price. 



Now you know how much it costs to develop an e-scooter sharing app. As you can see, it is possible to create such a product with a relatively limited budget. The main thing is to have first-class specialists working on it, and then it will bring you profit in a blink of an eye with satisfied users. Contact RexSoft now and start developing your own technological marvel.



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