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Erie Pa News

What is Erie Pa News?

If you are looking for the latest Erie Pa news, you’ve come to the right place. You can find the latest breaking news, weather reports, and more. It is available for free online and in print, and you can subscribe to get notifications of breaking stories as they happen. However, the Erie Reader depends on voluntary donations to stay in business. To stay up to date with local events, be sure to subscribe to the Erie Reader today!

A number of industry leaders and colleagues have voted for RBR+TVBR in the Best News Production category. Forsyth was recognized for her success with “Erie News Now,” as well as her sales efforts. Forsyth also serves as the General Sales Manager for three network affiliates in the area. The company has five-star reviews on its website and in print publications. It is the only television station in Erie that has won this award.

Residents should keep their pets indoors, and the ANNA shelter has tips for dog owners. As temperatures dip, keep them warm. Throughout the state, voters must vote to redraw voting districts, which reflects changes in population as a result of the census. The new districts must be approved by the General Assembly before they can go into effect. In addition, Mazza Vineyards has begun picking Vidal Blanc grapes for ice wine. Rep. Curt Sonney has announced his retirement date for the 2021-22 legislative session.

erie pa news

Find The Latest Breaking News, Weather Reports Etc.

Despite the cold weather, Pennsylvanians are taking advantage of the opportunity to celebrate the harvest of the first Vidal Blanc grapes for their ice wine. On the other hand, Mazza Vineyards has started picking Vidal Blanc Grapes to make ice wine. Finally, Rep. Curt Sonney, who has served in the legislature for many years, has announced his retirement for the upcoming legislative session. There’s no shortage of interesting news from Erie, PA, so be sure to keep up with local events.

In Erie PA, the ANNA Shelter has been sharing tips for pet owners. In extreme cold temperatures, keep them inside. The ANNA shelter has been advising the public to keep their dogs inside. In other Erie Pa news, the Mazza Vineyards have picked Vidal Blanc Grapes to create their own ice wine. Another Erie Pa news worth noting is the announcement that a member of the Pennsylvania legislature is retiring.

The ANNA shelter offers tips for dog owners, including advice on keeping your dogs inside. The ANNA shelter also shares information on the redrawing of voting districts. Every ten years, the General Assembly must approve new voting districts based on the results of the census. Meanwhile, ice wine is the latest news. Similarly, a farmer at Mazza Vineyards has picked Vidal Blanc grapes to make an ice wine.


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