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Facebook Allows Facebook Apps To Access Phone Numbers & Addresses facebook germany gmbh

Facebook silently announced on last Friday that the Facebook apps can now access the contact information like Phone numbers and address. It is a quite good news for the Facebook application developers.

While the All Facebook blogs announced about this release mentioning confidently that any application must have to get your permission to access of your Personal information before able to access your Phone numbers and addresses.

But, folks may not welcome this views of  sharing their personal information. Particularly those who are using Facebook for business purpose, can’t accept this policy with pleasure.

Though the Facebook applications must have to get your permission before accessing your contact information, the easiest way to avoid this policy is to make your phone numbers and addresses unavailable in your profile.

Most people generally do not concentrate on the current address and mobile phone number field in their profile. So to avoid accidentally allowing of your phone numbers and addresses to the third party Facebook apps go to your profile from the top-right corner of your Facebook account screen then click on the “Edit profile” button.

Choose “Contact information” from the menu at the left side and click on it.

Delete any information if there in the field “Mobile Phone” and “Address”.

Note that, if you have kept any phone number in the “Other phone” field, Facebook will automatically copy that into the “Mobile Phone” field though  the “Mobile Phone” field is still blank. After deleting those field information click on “Save Changes” button.

While this step of Facebook is on the purpose of increasing more openness, some people may not welcome this policy.

Backup Facebook, Gmail, Flickr by Online Backup Service Backupify facebook germany gmbh

If you are too much worried about your online data like Facebook profile and fan page, Gmail , Twitter, Flickr and Picasa photo albums and other accounts data, Backupify would be the best solution for you. Backupify is an online backup service that makes your cloud data secured and centralized. So, if you are willing about making an centralized archive of your internet data and profiles, give it a try.

Getting started with Backupify

Create a free Backupify account and choose the perfect plan for you. It comes with three flavors- Personal, PRO 100 and PRO 500 plans. The personal plan provides 2GB of space and weekly backup solution and it is absolutely free. The pro online backup plans require $4.99 and $19.99 per month respectively, giving more spaces and more frequent backups. Get more details on the plans and pricing from here.

Once you are registered with this online backup solution and chosen your plan, add the services you want from the list by clicking on the “Add” button under the “Settings” tab.

Addition of each service needs the authorization with proper account credentials. After authorization of those services you can find them under the “Active services” column.

Note: Some services allow you to configure the backup files. You can configure that by clicking on the “Configure” button. For instance ,you can configure the setting to backup Facebook photo albums only.

If you want to see the backup progress, click on “archives” link on the navigation bar. You can also track your past activities from the “history” link.

Overall, Backupify is a complete online backup solution to protect and archiveyour important photos, Facebook profile and fan page, Twitter data etc.


How to Download You Facebook Profile Information facebook germany gmbh

Facebook has constantly being criticized because of its privacy policies.

Recently Facebook has added a feature which lets you download all of the information that you have shared on Facebook.

With this feature you can download your Facebook photos and videos and can even have a back up of your Facebook profile data in a zip format.You can have a back up of your wall posts, messages, videos, friend lists and other contents.

To download your Facebook profile data you will have to log in to your Facebook account and click on “Account settings”.

In the next page scroll down to “Download your Information section” and then click on “learn more”.

You will then see a download page where you will have to click on “Download” button.

Till now i have not received email notification regarding my download.It seems that it might take time to pull all the required informations.


Create And Share Office Document With Facebook Friends facebook germany gmbh

A lots of stander office web applications are available in the internet which can help you to create and share your office document online. The most popular office web application are Google Docs, Office Live, Windows Live SkyDrive and many more. These web applications are helpful to create office documents and collaborate important documents with others. is a new office web application where you can easily create and collaborate your office documents with your colleague, clients even your Facebook friends. If you are not a advanced user then this can be helpful for you.

Docs provides a online Microsoft office 2010 platform where you can discover, create and share your office documents with your Facebook friends. Here you can create and upload all types of office document like Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet, Powerpoint Presentation, Photo slide show, chart, Resume. To use the application you can log with your Facebook account user id and password .

How To Use

Go to the and click on “sign In”. A new Facebook log-in page will appear. Enter your Facebook log in information and click on “Login” button.

After logged in, “Facebook Request for permission” will appear. Click on “Allow” to allow Docs to access the Facebook account. Now you are ready to create and upload your documents.

To upload or create office document click on drop-down menu “Add a Doc”. Choose “Upload a Doc” to upload documents from your computer. To create office document click on other option under “Create a new document” as your choice.

When creating a word document you will get all common office tools facilities.

  • Now add a title of your document which will be posted on your Facebook wall.
  • To share your document “Sharing” menu. You can set the privilege of your document “Viewers” and “Editors” when sharing. Just choose the option who can view or edit your document and click on “OK”.

You can also share your document with individual friends. Then check the “Individual friends” option and select your friend and click “OK”.

Under the wall section write about your document in your Facebook wall and click “Post”.

  • Now you have successfully shared your document with your Facebook friends.
  • To access your own documents click on “My Docs” and for your friends documents click on “Friend’s Docs”. You can also see the comments by others and documents that are shared as public on it.

Add Docs Tab On Facebook

To quick access the documents and view your friends documents you can add a Docs tab on your Facebook profile. To add this  log in facebook account and go to your profile. Click on “Add a new tab” and select Docs. Now all of your Facebook friends can see by clicking the Docs tab.

After adding this tab you can easily upload and create your documents from Facebook via docs.

Enjoy and share your documents with Facebook friends.

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