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How to increase quality blog traffic via Facebook? Well, Facebook is one of potential social media platforms and big source of traffic. If it was a country or city it will face with main problem of traffic dame. Actually, using of social media strategy and participated Facebook communication you will gain social media benefits and growing business faster.

Before, I have a crazy opinion when I was a university student. I really hate my colleges who are always chat with friends without did any research. After, I got into internet blogging business and got know about how to increase quality blog traffic via Facebook social media strategy. I really love it and prove with person who created this website.

You know? Now a day, I have spent most 5 – 8 hours daily working with this platform through doing internet marketing and personal blog advertising. I strive best connect with other people outside my country for exchange some learning via social communication. Now right I have engaged around 1500+ as friends connect, 2800+ FB fan pages, and 150k+ people in 50 group discussions. Thus, whenever I posted any stories or information I believe that at less 10k+ people will see my post and at least 1500+ visitors will visit and read my blog posts.

I think that it so amazing therefore, today Basic Blog Talk is sharing with you about tip: how to increase quality blog traffic via Facebook. Here bellow tips I wish it will benefit for you to engage more audience of your blog.

#1 frequently update status will enhance networking

Before, I am focus only friendly blog SEO optimizing and ways increase blog value backlinks, so I am careless about social media strategy engagement. But to engage social communication mean we are striving to increase higher blog rank and conversion rate. Moreover, social media network is ways to get more backlinks and increase global links popularity which search engines really love it. Actually, it is so easy to answer the question: how to increase quality blog traffic via Facebook. You just frequently update some status such as post some related funny pictures, ask some contextual question, or some discussions with your audiences thus they really love to connect with you. Those all above are good idea to keep updated with your audiences because you will significantly grow network fastest. So easily to get it done!

#2 quality and unique contents attract more shares

Note: it is main concept of how to increase quality blog traffic via Facebook

The contents of posts are most important factor to keep engage with audiences and configure out the problem of none traffic. You may wondering why people not share, comment, or talk what you are writing. Well, there many reasons that why your posts were not shared and commented.

But today I will talk to you only about quality content because it is most reason for this problem. You know? The people love to improve expertise, sharing experience, and getting update information about outside world. If your post nothing at all of above educational or unique information. There is no why those people have to share or link your posts. In overall, offering unique information and write a quality blog post for readers is what you cannot skip it.

I am not focus only own post, also you can share other bloggers posts which you think that it will benefit to your readers. This attitude will benefit of engage more audiences and shares since you always collected value information for them. Moreover, other bloggers will share back your posts instead of say thanks to you. And especially, you have more friends of your network. Check related posts:

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#3 call actions is answer of how to increase quality blog traffic via Facebook

What did you do when you shared content? Did you have included call actions or ask people to share, read the post, or leave some comments. Most bloggers did this mistake when they shared their posts into social media platform and group discussion since it just only a link. I think that only your friends, colleges, and family will click on your link because they want to see what inside your link. But other people who have no private relationship with you, they will skip your link because nothing at all attractive to them. Therefore, to attract more clicked of your links you should add some call action such as include some brief description about educational meaning inside, some attractive images, ask people to read the contents, and say thanks for read or any people who will share and comment your post. Check: how to makeup sexy post images SEO friendly optimizing

#4 spread contents of network by participant various groups

Now Facebook have release a value feature call group discussion which allow users to join various groups and discuss or share some information with other members inside group. I think that Fb group should the best place that helps you answer question about how to increase quality blog traffic via Facebook. As, I told you above, I have joint around 50 groups which similar to my nice thus I have more chance to spread my posts outside my networking. Aside from this benefit, group discussion is ways to deliver quality traffic to your website since people who joint group are interesting to topic of discussion.

It is your turn:

Thanks for patient reading misspelling and grammar mistakes post. I ready did double check but mistake all remain in my posts. I wish this one no error. Of cause, using of Facebook is way to grow social network and getting answer about how to increase blog quality traffic fastest. Also, it is important tool to interact with other people and increase high conversion rate. I love Facebook and these 4 above tips I always use it but if you feel like want to some more, please let me know you comment bellow


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