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Available Markets and Customer Service

Five Important Tips to Consider When Choosing A Bookmarker

The number of betting sites has increased immensely over the years, making it tough for punters to choose the most suitable. When you pick the right betting site, you are more likely to have an excellent experience, and your chances of winning will even improve. Pick a dubious website, and you will end up losing big. 

Sports betting has been made easy with the availability of mobile apps. Before enrolling in any bookmarker, ensure they have a mobile app suitable for Android and iOS users.  With a mobile app, you can place your bet without going to your browser. 

There are numerous online bookmakers on the web, and choosing one can be overwhelming. Research is key to betting to make sure you don’t make wrong choices. To help you out, here are four guidelines to follow when choosing a betting website. 

Research Is Key 

Go to the betting website reviews to get a feeling of what users are saying about the bookmarker. Check what users are saying about payments, customer service and whether they have stringent rules. The internet has made everything easy for you; it pays to conduct your research instead of depending on friends for information. For you can search for the best UFC bookmarkers when you are looking to bet on UFC fighters. 

Research Is Key

When conducting your research, things you need to seek information for include; 

  • The deposit and withdrawal options 
  • Bonuses offered 
  • Betting markets available 
  • The availability of a mobile app 
  • Terms and conditions 

A good bookmaker has positive reviews from multiple sources, feedback, and comments from active customers. Numerous information on how to beat bookies and make money is available online; use them to increase your stake. 

The Available Promotions and Offers 

Be on the look for their latest offers, bonuses, free bets and even concessions. The competition for sports betting customers is high, and so bookmarkers will do everything in their power to entice customers to their side. You are in sports betting to make money, so any bookmarker that promises to increase your stake is a plus. 

Some bookmarkers out there offer up to a 300% welcome bonus to all new customers. You have plenty of choices out there; choose a bookie with the best promotions and bonuses. Do not forget to look at the terms and conditions attached to these offers. 

Payment Options and Competitiveness of Odds 

Choose a bookmarker with a payment method that is applicable in your country. Most bookmakers have an e-wallet, pre-paid cards, debit/credit cards and bank transfers. A lot of Bookmarkers are now looking to expand the number of payment options to suit customers globally. 

You might also want to check if the bookmarker has a trustworthy payment security certificate like Skrill, MasterCard, PayPal verified by Visa. Money is a sensitive thing; a good bookmarker should have a secure and encrypted HTTP domain. 

As a punter, you want the best possible value in every selection you make. Bookmarkers offer odds with a small margin that make a huge difference in terms of winnings. Some bookmarkers advertise fantastic odds but when you visit their website, what you find is different. 

You will also find a scenario where odds keep fluctuating by small margins. Go for a bookmarker that provides some sense of security in terms of odds, one that will not wait for you to make your predictions to increase or decrease the odds. 

Available Markets and Customer Service

Most sports betting enthusiasts are interested in football which is the most popular sport in the world. However, summer breaks have made punters want to try their luck in other sporting events, including UFC. A good punter will offer games ranging from hockey, handball, basketball, ice hockey, horse racing name just a few. 

If you are interested in UFC Champions, go to your browser and google Ronda Rousey UFC to do your analysis. ALL UFC fighters have their statistics and UFC results available online. 

Available Markets and Customer Service

An online bookmaker is not like a casino where you can visit and get solutions with ease. Check what customers are saying about the reliability of customers service. Avoid bookmarkers that take too long to solve simple issues or reply to customers’ concerns. 

Also, check if the customer care service options available is suitable for you. While the most reliable customer service is live chat, not all bookmarkers have it on their website. A good bookmarker should have an email address, mobile number and social media network available to its customers. 


The first step towards success in sports betting is choosing the right bookmarker. All these bookmarkers have numerous sporting events, casinos, online lottery, poker rooms and more. To help you decide which bookmarker to select, do proper research to avoid a scenario where you move from one betting platform to another. Sports betting is a highly lucrative venture for anyone looking to add extra income if done with strategy.


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