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Forex Signals

Forex Signals

Weekly, I publish two Forex Trading Signals, based on Joel Rensink’s “First Strike Trading Method”, and “One Night Stand (ONS) Trading Method”. Both types of signal rely on a typical price behavior around the weekend price gap, that has been observed through years of Joel Rensink, and his mentor Joe Krutsinger’s trading experience.

First Strike Trading Signals are published every Sunday, between 6-830pm EST, and ONS Trading Signals are published every Friday, between 4-7am EST.

These signals are high-probability, and carry a high reward against risk. Risk is typically a fixed 60 pips, or break even (I also detail exit strategies in each weekly post). Reward can run into as many as 500 pips on a good week, though more commonly you will see 100-200 pips.

Profiting using these signals is based on a high profit expectancy, i.e. more wins than loss. Henceforth, do not be deterred by the occasional stop-out, as the short term losses are nothing that can be compared to the big winning trades that will follow.

Nonetheless, risk management is key. While you may look back on a successful week’s trade and wonder why you didn’t stake 20% equity on it, you can never know when will be the losing week. I personally take use 3% equity on these signals. Slow and steady wins the race.

Other Signals
During the week, I may publish scalping zones for the EURUSD, typically along the lines of “Trade within (Price area)”, “Sell below (Price)”, “Buy above (Price)”. I may also publish signals of Head and Shoulders (H&S), Reverse Triangles, Forward Triangles, Consolidations, etc.

How To Receive These Signals?
Join my email list on, to receive these in your email. Also, add me on Twitter @JulianHWong for more up-to-the-minute updates. Several readers have asked me about SMS signal services – that will most probably have to be a paid service to cover infrastructure costs and extra effort, which I will look into when I know from the comments below that over 100 people are using and benefiting from my signals.

Commercial Signal Services
I’m in the midst of evaluating and identifying consistently profitable commercial services which my site readers can subscribe to. Please check back on this page again in future.


Free Trade Copier Download + How to Setup Trade Copier Tutorial

This video was created in response to the many requests for a Trade Copier, Trade Cloner, Trade Duplicator system at my blog post:

Of the several ones I’ve experimented with, I find the one from MT4i to be the most stable (doesn’t crash windows!), plus it’s FREE. It can be downloaded from:

In the next 3 videos, I’m going to show you step by step how to setup and operate the Personal Trade Copier from MT4i, so that you will be able to copy trades across trading accounts of which you have a login or investor password.

Refer to part 1 of this series to download this FREE system.

This video shows you how to correctly copy the program files that make up the MT4i Personal Trade Copier to the respective directories of two different MT4 installations on your computer or VPS.

The third video will tell you how to set it up on the charts and include some examples of the trade copier at work.

This is part 3 of this series. This video shows you how to set up the MT4i personal trade copier on different MT4 installations and give some demonstrations of the software at work.

Part 4 will contain instructions on how you can tune for specific currency pairs, increase or decrease lot sizes, and how to send trades from one sender’s account to multiple receivers’ accounts.

Note from Julian: Part 4 will be uploaded later today or tomorrow. As you can hear from Part 3, my daughter’s getting a little restless, so I’ll have to play with her first. Meanwhile, you too, go play around with the trade copier on Demo first. 


Free Forex Course

Hi everyone, as some of you know, I’ve been around in online Forex Trading circles for a while. However, my email list automated messages are as old as when I first started out.

My automated messages contained a “Trend Shadow” indicator, but trend-following is no longer the way to trade anymore. Reversals are. My emails also discussed “Trend Forex 2.0″ widely, that’s been my adopted way to trade for years too – it still makes money but that no longer is the best way to trade the markets these days. It gets you into the trade too late these days.

I’m going to do a revamp of that, so that my new and old email list subscribers will get a interest-tailored Forex Course, featuring the Most Current Set of Forex Trading Concepts and Trading Rules. I want to reward everyone on my list with the a set of Forex Trading Methods that you can use and profit!

If you’ve been following my recent Twitter Feed at all, and reviewing my trading signals, and seeing how they have been leading to Massive Weekly Gains of  Over +100 pips, PER Week, you can be sure that this upcoming course is ALL PROFIT, NO BULLSHIT!

To make this Free Forex Course the most beneficial to you, I need YOUR inputs on:

  1. What YOU want to LEARN,
  2. Questions that you have on Forex,
  3. Something that you heard of that you’d wish to know more about.

I’ll review every feedback in the comments box below, and work my upcoming Free Forex Course around it.

Fire away… You have UNTIL November 21st to leave your reply!


Another good automated trading day- a little less than the last time

Increasingly, I’m moving toward a portfolio management approach in Forex as opposed to trading because of the needs of my daughter who’s graduating from “harmless infant” to “hyperactive toddler”.

At the end of the day, what all people want is more returns. If portfolio management as opposed to trading is able to match closely the returns of full-time trading, then that definitely gives time to do a lot of other daily activities.

I currently run 4 EAs on 3 accounts – there are 2 on this same account, and 1 on each of the other ones.

Some of these EAs, like the Euro Daily Trader make an even, or sub-even amount of wins versus losses, but the greater wins make up for them. Nonetheless, by having another EA on the same account, in this example, FAPTurbo V54, I find that it is able to help recover losses made, so that EDT can continue trading larger sizes – as I set the lot sizes to “auto-compound”.


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