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Well, it is a simple way that everyone knows that articles are the best ways to increase affiliate sales faster. Absolutely, frequently write the articles and publish regularly could increase quality blog traffic and attractive more readers.

Totally agree! The article is the best tool to engage readers to come to your blog because of the content inside your post. However, it is not means that all articles could do that, unless you know how to write the article that could increase affiliate sales faster.

You know? Actually, I could write from 15 – 20 simple articles a day for own blog but what I am thinking about is that how to make the articles attractive to readers and convince them to buy my affiliate products.

Without selling I could not make money from blog since it is my main income stream. Here the bellow tips are what I do whenever I write the articles which I that it could increase affiliate sales faster.

#1 Write for readers

Whenever I am writing the articles, the person who I am thinking about them is readers. The readers are my prospective customer, thus they are my king. You know, I try to find the way to observe readers need and offer them what the readers want to read.

Whatever, you write. You write about educational tips, habit & life style, or so on, never mind all tips could increase affiliate sales faster. But, you have to write a quality articles for your readers, the most of them need the quality.

Moreover, the readers have experience of using of the product and buying some service thus please “do not try lie your readers or tell about what you have less experience or nothing at all about what you wrote”.

Therefore, please keep on the quality and write about what you know exactly about those things. That is the key to increase affiliate sales faster I would give you..!

#2 shows them proof income

Please think about why you writing the tips for those readers. You want share those people about some experience and expertise or you to sell some products to those people and make money from your post.

You have to find out the way to include the evident income or your successful experience in order to make the readers believe on what you wrote about it. Without the trust you will never sold any product or to increase affiliate sales faster of your selling.

Please remember above key never lie your readers and write what you know exactly.

#3 brings readers to sales page

What are your ways sell your affiliate product? Are you going to sell it directly in your tips? Or you will sell it on other pages. I have a recommend separating between your tips and land page.

You know? It is a good idea to separate two different between sale pages and tips because it will make the readers sensitive of your articles. The readers will thinks that you are not going to sell any product to them, thus you are going to gain more trust from your readers. You know only trust that could increase affiliate sales faster since no trust, no buying.

Strive to find the ways to bring your readers to the sales with related links, so that is the time for you to make money with your articles.

#4 use CTA to increase affiliate sales faster

The CTA (Call to Action) is the best to make money with the affiliate product. You know nearly 90% of online buyers will never buy any product immediately whenever they just know about it the first time.

Only one ways that you could fix this problem is CTA. Thus please set up the auto response and ask the readers to leave their email address in your opt in mail list.

Since, you have email address in your mailing list thus that is the best chance for you to convert those subscribers to buy through newsletters.

Bonus tips:

The bellow is not related to writing of articles but since you want to increase affiliate sales faster, therefore you have integrated this articles.

#5 integrates social media

The social media is the best to advertise you articles by free. The most of internet marketers integrated the social media strategy into their marketing strategy.

It is the best ways to explore your articles to other users in social networking. You have to submit your social to social media networks and bookmarks.

You have to do your best to interact with other social media users in order to promote you tips and to increase affiliate sales faster. It is a free chance to increase quality blog traffic and attract more readers.

#6 concerning blog SEO

The search engine is the big sources of traffic, you have to learn about the search engine optimization and updated about webmaster guidelines. You know? Anytime you accuse to the search engine rules, you articles will never appear on search engine listing.

Please remembers the more traffic you get, the ability you could increase affiliate sales faster.

#7 other traffic sources

Aside from the social media and search engine, you’ll have other jobs to perform for additional sources of traffic such video market, PDF traffic, and PPT.

Create some video marketings related to the topic and link back to your own tips also ways increase more affiliate faster. Also, convert your article to PDF and PPT extension and submit those tips to some platform such slideshare, docstoc, scribd, and other document library.

The more work you did, the more traffic you get, and the more chance to increase affiliate sales faster. And then, the more chance to monetize money from your blog.

Kimsea Sok

Kimsea is owner and found of Basic blog Talk, He was a blogger for two years ago. I love write, reading, listing, and talking about basic blogging tips. Also, I am an active blogger who always guest post and comments, we could connect together for successful blogging career.


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