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Facebook Application to Edit Facebook Album Photosgg media

Previously, we have covered an article about the use of Picnik as Photoshop alternative. There is also a Facebook application Picnik to edit Facebook album photos without downloading. This Facebook app can be helpful for those who hate to use desktop software program to edit photos.

Picnik allows making color corrections, adding effects, cropping, resizing, rotating, adding red eye effect, auto fixing and some other adjustments of the photos directly from your Facebook profile. You can edit the photos of the existing album and save it to the Facebook profile by Picnik. You can also upload the new photos to edit and then save at your Facebook album and computer as well.

Edit Facebook photos without downloading

The following steps are involved into getting started with the awesome Facebook app Picnik.

  1. Log-in to your Facebook profile.
  2. To add the application, click the link Facebook application directory. At the app search box type ‘picnik’ and hit enter. The application appears. Double click on the application to run.
  3. It requires the access of your profile. So click on “Allow” to grant all the required permission. Once granted hit the button “Connect”. It will load all the existing photo albums.

How to edit the photos?

Picnic will load the photos from an album for editing. You can change the current album from the “Albums” drop-down menu. Double click on the photo that you want to edit.

Auto-fix: This buttons lets you to adjust the photo settings automatically. If you have no knowledge about the photo editing then just hit the button and it will work like a magic.

Rotate: If you forgot to adjust the rotation of the photos from your digital camera and uploaded them at Facebook in a hurry, you can rotate them by Picnic. You are allowed to rotate them 90 degree left or right by the right and left buttons or rotate the image to a custom angle by dragging the slider. You can also flip the photo horizontally and vertically.

Crop: Crop any part of your Facebook photos by just dragging through a selection or manually adjusting the dimension.

Resize:Picnik allows you to resize the Facebook photos by putting the new dimensions in pixel or percentage unit. You can also choose to maintain or not the aspect ration optionally.

There are also some other options available to adjust the color effects, Exposure. You can apply the Red-Eye effects to the Facebook photos to fix the distortion in looks.

After completion of your editing job, you can save the edited photos at your Facebook profile in a different album or can share the edited version directly to Twitter, Myspace etc. There are also the options available to save the photos to computer, email them to your friend as well. Picnic also allows you to print the photo directly from it. All the functionalities are pretty easy to use.

Overall, Picnik is one of the best web application to edit your photo online as well as a Facebook application to edit Facebook album photos without downloading them.

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4 Useful Twitter Applications For Your Daily Needgg media

Twitter is the place where you can share your thoughts with thousands of people in a second.

From the stone age to this modern computer age, human has utilized the resources for a better life style. In this recent days, people are mostly dependable on the computer as well as on the web. Twitter is the latest star added to the web that makes your life style more advanced. Know about some Twitter Applications at a glance, to be advanced in the web.

Track your ordered packages on Twitter

You can track the product that you’ve ordered online from Twitter. Say, you have ordered an laptop from eBay and want to know the latest location of your product. TrackThis is absolutely for you. Follow TrackThis on Twitter from your Twitter account and send a direct message in the form <Tracking code><Nick name>. Now, whenever your product will change its location, TrackThis will send you a direct message with the latest update. Learn more about tracking on Twitter.

Add events to Google calender from Twitter

If you spend lots of your time in Twitter, you might like to add your important events directly from Twitter. Don’t worry! There is a Twitter application Twittercal that allows you to do that. Just go to Twittercal, follow gCal on Twitter, authenticate Twittercal with Google account and allow the access. Now send the event that you want to add in Google calender as direct message to gCal.

Translate from Twitter

If anyone have sent you a direct message in a language (say, Spanish) that you do not know, you can still read that message without leaving Twitter. You have to just Followtwanslate and send that message as direct message to twanslate, preceding by the language code. If you want to translate that message, say in English, then your direct message should look like this: en your friends message. Get the list of languages from


Twitbin is a Firefox plugin that adds a sidebar to your browser with the tweets from your friends. Just download the plugin and install it, then click on the twitter bird icon to log-in with your Twitter log-in credentials. You can now see all the tweets from your Twitter friends.

Do you use any Twitter application out of the above list? Drop your thoughts here at the comment section.


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