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China blocks Facebook, Youtube, Google and Twitter – google norway

The world’s most famous social networking site has been blocked in China, without explanation, since just after ethnic riots between Muslims and Han Chinese broke out in the far Western province of Xinjiang in July 2009.

Mark Zuckerberg, the site’s founder and chief executive, has expressed his desire to get Facebook back online in China. “How can you connect the whole world if you leave out 1.6 billion people?” he remarked recently.

Before Christmas, Mr Zuckerberg visited Beijing and Shanghai and met with Robin Li, the co-founder of Baidu, the Chinese search engine, Wang Jianzhou, the chief executive of China Mobile, and Charles Chao, the head of Sina, one of the country’s largest portals. Analysts said they expected Facebook to “do a deal” with the Chinese government in order to regain access to Chinese web users.

However, the Global Times, one of China’s leading state-run newspapers, warned that Facebook may find it difficult to challenge the domestic clones that have sprung up in its absence, with Renren and Kaixin001 amassing some 100 million users between them.


The world’s most successful search engine shut down its Chinese servers at the beginning of the year after sustained pressure from the Chinese government.

Google said it was no longer prepared to censor its results in order to comply with Chinese law, and that it had suffered a serious attempt to hack its source code, which it suggested may have originated in China.

Chinese users can still access Google, but search queries are routed to the company’s Hong Kong-based servers. The move means that Google no longer censors the results of searches internally, leaving that responsibility to the Chinese government.

Although Google has maintained its offices in Beijing, its share of Chinese advertising revenues has steadily shrunk since its decision to pull out of the country. In its latest research report, Analysys International, a Chinese internet research firm, said Google had dropped from second to third, behind Baidu and Alibaba, in terms of market share.

Now Google faces the prospect of losing Google Maps after Chinese regulators warned that it could not operate the service from outside the mainland without a license.


The world’s most popular microblogging website, whose users share their thoughts with each other in the form of 140-letter messages, is also blocked in China, despite having expressed an interest in operating on the mainland.

However, Twitter has become popular among Chinese activists, who connect to the service by routing their internet connection through foreign servers. For example, Ai Weiwei, the Chinese artist who currently has an exhibition in London’s Tate Modern, has a huge Twitter following and uses the service to alert his fans to his whereabouts.

Earlier this year, Mr Ai used Twitter to invite hundreds of people from all over China to attend a banquet at his studio in Shanghai, which was about to be demolished.


While China has relaxed its censorship on a host of internet pornography sites, the videos on YouTube have been inaccessible since March 2009. YouTube said it had no idea why the site was initially blocked, but the problems of its owner, Google, with the Chinese authorities are unlikely to have helped its cause.

Google “written off” CAPS LOCK key – Good or bad? – google norway

Occasion Google has introduced a laptop using Chrome the operating system OS first, many comments have appeared around this product.

As we have said in recent days, the technology community worldwide has heated up by the appearance of Cr-48, laptop pet from Google. After releasing the operating system for Android, the Cr-48, a device using Chrome the operating system OS are many people interested as well, which is understandable.

Do not speak to the profile, experience using Chrome OS, a lot of factors are making the current flow opposite opinion this is the keyboard design of Cr-48, or, more specifically, it’s the Google “Death” and the Caps Lock key is keyboard instead Search.

The first reaction of some people “discovered” this issue, which is opposed. They said that Google is currently facing many difficulties and failures in their business strategy. In general, Google can only succeed with what is available and has existed for as long as Gmail, YouTube or the search engine. But again, what the company has “self” are not achieved very great success. Therefore, it is understandable that when this giant decided to make a small change when the Caps Lock key removed and instead a new button: Search.

Not only that, some people feel that, as has been research on features and carefully designed so that any existing keys on the keyboard are its effects. Here is the specific case of the Caps Lock. Users can type letters by holding down the Shift button, but what if typing a line, or even a paragraph?

Because what has become a habit, it is difficult to change. And for those who have the habit of using the Caps Lock key, they certainly will not feel so down and out deficiencies.

However, the unexpected is also not a few (even many) who sided with Google and support this change.

The first reason given is almost Caps Lock key is rarely used, and who have the habit to use Caps Lock when typing in a minority. Things like typing letters a line, a segment can be completely done by editing the font after the draft. Therefore, the replacement of a button almost at the touch of a new key is also not affected much.

Some other ideas that Google remove the Caps Lock key and put into a job search creates “its own characteristics” for operating systems, like Microsoft or Apple did. Evidence for this is the button-shaped window (representing Windows), or apple-shaped buttons featured on Apple products. Now, Google – which has been known by search engines, equipment for the operating system (and laptop), a Search button, it is also understandable.

They also said that many people rarely use the computer memory and use the shortcut, so that the rows of keys from F1 to F12, or even the Windows key is rarely used. However, between a “sea”of information as now, the search for data in computers, the internet or elsewhere are common operations done. So, if Google created the “habit” for users, keys Search will be used and useful.

Finally, many observant than have it as a “branding” Google’s very subtle. Specifically, in the user manual of Cr-48, has a saying that if you really need Caps Lock key to be able to send a comment on YouTube, go to Settings, and select System Section Search moved keys the Caps Lock. And, if you are an advanced user, press Ctrl – Alt to display the keyboard shortcuts.

You see, we can completely change the Caps Lock key search, but if you are a proficient user (power user), you will not need to Caps Lock. So, if anyone does not want to be a power user?

In short, development is an inevitability of technology, and the Google or any other decision maker that there is a change or renew their products, that’s their strategy. The debate is already underway. The Caps Lock key to change Chrome’s Search OS is good or bad, let’s wait.

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