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How can Hotels and Resorts use QR codes for Leisure facilities Use?

As the hospitality sector evolves, QR codes are now included in hotel facility usage guides to provide a better visitor experience.

The epidemic has brought the hospitality industry to a technological gap, and the only way to deal is to integrate cutting-edge technologies such as the portable tool – QR code.

During the quarantine, the QR code became a routine part of our life, and it is currently utilized by many hotels and resorts due to its quick scanning and saving ability. With easy access to a free best QR code generator for hotels and resorts to make a QR code online, visitors can instantly access data by scanning it with a smartphone camera or a QR reader app.

How do QR codes help hotels and resorts simplify their digital amenities distribution?

You may offer information about hotel amenities in a modern yet artistic approach utilizing QR code with a little more consideration. You’ll provide a better client experience this way, which will keep guests coming back for more.

Let’s look at how using QR codes to host digital leisure facilities help visitors and guests instantly access them with just a scan.

  1. Use as a portal for the digital in-room instruction binder

Upgrade your guestroom guide to a digital version, such as PDF, to make it easier to use for visitors and your employees. Convert it to a PDF QR code so that guests can quickly scan it and obtain all of the information they require with the tap of a finger.

  1. Store video tutorials on how to use an appliance

Some visitors may struggle to figure out how to use a coffee machine or which coffee is best for them. Assist guests by offering a scannable video QR code with instructions using a specific room device.

Make it unique and special by suggesting things like the best-tasting flavor to try and how to properly turn on the AC, along with many other things!

  1. Store audiobook guides for the sound-inclined visitors


Another viable option is to add a sound recording demonstrating how to use the hotel’s amenities. You may turn your MP3 file into a QR code so that your guests that prefer audio can listen to it.

  1. Create a QR code for the leisure center’s apparatus.

Keep your visitors feel and look fantastic by providing simple input in the form of a File QR code (which can be PDF, doc, Jpeg, etc.) on how to utilize your facilities and equipment.

You can include extra details such as which gear is suitable for novices, which gear is ideal for weight training activities, etc.

  1. QR code menu for your f&b department and shops

As part of your safe eating strategy, use a menu QR code to digitize your room service menu, your outlet’s menu, and even your minibar. A contactless menu with a QR code enforces social separation.

It also keeps your customers secure because the digital menu eliminates pollution and virus transmitting threats.

How to generate a QR code for your hotel and resorts?

You’ll need a trusted QR code generator, which you can find online, to create your QR code for the resort and hotel facility usage instructions.

Here are five simple steps to creating a QR code for your hotel amenity usage instructions.

  1. Select a QR code generator with logo website and make a QR code.
  2. Choose the QR code solution you require.
  3. Create the QR code.
  4. Customize your QR code design and do scan tests.
  5. Download and use your QR code.


Because facilities have a significant impact on the hotel and resort’s brand positioning and the customer experience of its guests, it is critical to provide readily available amenity information.


Using a QR code, guests will quickly understand how to use it or what it is for. It is handier for your guests because everything is accessible via smartphones.

You can use these QR code concepts for hotel facility usage as a guide. Using QR codes, you may provide your guests with a memorable experience.


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