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How Smart Phones Are Key In Emergencies brite media group

Smart phones have drastically changed how people communicate and how information is shared and conveyed to one another. There was never a time in the history of humanity wherein information was so easily obtained and given other than today. It is the marvel of communication that sets apart this age from every other.

Because of this exponential increase in technology, one can easily see the immense potential smart phones have. However, Smart phones are no longer confined to providing an easy means of business transactions, but it can now even a handy tool for emergencies such as natural disasters, accidents and such.

How useful Smart Phones is On and After an Emergency

Emergencies are very fluid situations. One never knows what can transpire when such events occur. Because of this, it is important to have equipment that can work properly even in situations as extreme as an emergency.

Efficiency during Natural Disasters

Smart phones can be very useful mainly because of its portability. One can almost bring his or her smart phones anywhere and still be functional. This portability is an immense and useful quality which is perfect during emergencies. During natural disasters, communication and electric lines can be cut and huge sections of a city can be without power for days. Prompt communication during those crucial moments can be vital for survival.

Useful for Personal Protection

Smart phones can also provide personal protection against lawlessness. There are applications today which can be used to immediately contact the police when confronted by lawless elements. One can quickly set a “panic” button on his or her phone which will immediately send messages to vital contacts, love ones and the authorities.

Ease in Monitoring Health

Monitoring one’s health is no longer a hard thing to do. During the early days of medical practices, the business of monitoring one’s health is placed heavily on personal nurses or aides, especially for the elderly and the disabled. However, with smart phones today, one can easily use it as a handy monitoring device. There are applications which can be used to monitor if one accidentally falls. It will automatically send messages to alarm everyone concerned.

Global Positioning and Interactive Maps

GPS tracking once a secret military technology is now one of the major applications available in many smart phones today. Global positioning system can easily pinpoint anyone anywhere in the planet. This can be an extremely tool to have during emergencies as one can easily find anyone even in such a chaotic event as in disasters and such.

Quick Access to Vital Information

There are instances where knowing what the right thing to do can be helpful during emergencies. Through smart phones, knowing what first aid to use when someone is poisoned, helpful tips when doing CPR and many more can be easily accessed. This efficiency is increased considerably, if the smart phone is connected to the Internet.

Capable of Sharing Reports Instantly

During emergencies, sending updates, videos and such instantly is a great tool for reporters, firefighters, police and anyone involved in emergency response and rescue. There are many rescue squads today that require each team member to have smart phones as part of their gear.

Smart phones are no longer the trinket and gadgets of business entrepreneurs. It has evolved considerably that it has now a wider scope of use, which truly places it in one of the major inventions in human history. Once only used for communication, entertainment and style, it is now a truly remarkable electronic gadget which can help people at every time. Technologies and advancement in communications will continue to advance forward and one can only imagine what more marvels smart phones will have when the future arrives.

Author Bio: Joshua Turner is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to business. In this article, he explains the importance of smart phones in emergency situations and aims to encourage further study with this field, for more information click here.


Let’s Get Busy! brite media group

Data is critical to ensure that you know exactly what is happening with your business. To run your business effectively and efficiently you will need some type of retail reporting. This provides you with a wealth of information, such as inventory and sales.

Getting Your Reports

You can choose to get individual reports for a variety of things. There are different descriptive fields that will help you to narrow down exactly what you need. You can look at the order of the reports and make changes so that how you view the report is changed dramatically. For example, you can get a report for a specific department and then further narrow this down by running it by brand only. This is done by using subdivisions to group your reports.

How Busy are You?

You need to know what your busiest hours are so that you can staff properly. No customers like being in line for a long time because you do not have enough staff. They also want to be able to easily find an employee if they have questions about something. So, you can run a report to determine which days and hours are busiest at your business. This further helps a report that you can pull up to look at your sales for any year that you have been in business. When you get all of these together and analyze the data, you will be able to analyze trends and track your progress so that you can make the best buying decisions. You want to be sure to also look at your busiest times of the year and what items and/or services are popular during your busiest times. This will help to ensure that you do not run out so that all of your customers can get what they want when they come to your store.

Quick and Easy

You will be able to easily generate, view and share the reports that you generate. This is very helpful if you have managers helping you to run your store or stores. You can quickly get them the necessary information to keep your business running smoothly. You want to be able to easily circulate all important information on things like sales, inventory and busy times so that all of your employees are at the top of their game. You can circulate this type of information by generating the reports and then emailing them.


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