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How to Design Architectural Floor Plans

How to Design Architectural Floor Plans

An architectural floor plan is a detailed sketch of a room or building looking from above. This plan may show the whole building, a floor, or a single room. It can also detail the measurements, appliances, and other accessories included in the construction project.

Architectural floor plans are ideal when you want to decide on your furniture layout, wiring systems, and other components. Real estate agents and leasing businesses often rely on floor plans to help sell or rent out a building.

Why design a good floor plan?

Having a clear picture of your building before you build it is a good idea. Floor plans boost the visualisation of your building because they create a perfect connection between the spaces and raise the resale value of the house.

A good floor plan has the following characteristics:

  •         Versatile and flexible.

Ensure that in the future you can convert some offices into bedrooms for your kids and family when the need arises. A flexible and versatile floor plan will serve your needs today whilst also allowing for future changes of use and remodelling projects.

  •         Ideal room layout.

See if your bedrooms provide comfortable spaces. Your bathroom doesn’t have to face entertaining places such as living rooms. Many people prefer their kitchens to lead into the dining room so that they can interact with guests and watch over the kids when they are preparing meals.

  •         Ideal size

When hiring professional architects like Humphreysandsons to design your floor plan, ensure that you factor in the number of people that will occupy the building at a point in time.

Is there enough room for people to move around with ease? Which rooms can accommodate more furniture? The perfect floor plan should be of the right size.

  •         Priorities and lifestyle

If you are someone who cannot do without entertainment, perhaps you will want a neat flow from the kitchen to the outside. Stay-at-home mums and dads can consider setting up office spaces in quieter areas. You may even want to keep your laundry room near your master bedroom according to your priorities and lifestyle at home.

  •         Safety

It helps to try to balance your ideal architectural floor plans and practical considerations. Prioritize the safety of the kids and know where to install your heating and cooling systems.

How to Design Architectural Floor Plans

How to draw an architectural floor plan

Select an appropriate area. Choose a conducive area to draw your floor plan. If the building has been put up already, decide on whether you want to draw a room, floor or the whole building. In situations where you are working on a new project from scratch, you can brainstorm the designs according to the size and shape of the site of the building.

Take measurements

For existing buildings, you could try to measure the walls, doors, and other crucial features to improve the accuracy of your floor plan. If you are creating the layout for a completely new area, ensure that the total area fits the building. Examine buildings in similar areas to get a good idea of the floor plan.


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