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How to host a great bartending party at home

Here are some safety tips for hosting a party at your home.

* Do not serve alcohol to anyone under the legal drinking limit. Do not allow anyone to drink alcohol or serve alcohol without proper identification.

Limit the guests to a manageable amount. Uninvited guests should not “crash” the party.

* Do not allow guests to mix their own drinks. Bartending services, a reliable bartender will keep track of how many drinks guests have consumed.

Be aware that beer can be as intoxicating and addictive as hard liquor. A 12-ounce beer can, a 5-ounce glass of wine and a 12-ounce wine cooler all contain the same amount and intoxication potential of an ounce-and-a-half of liquor.

Make sure guests have plenty of food so they don’t go hungry. Salty foods can make you thirsty so drink less.

* Keep an eye on outside activities. You should not allow guests to bring open alcohol containers into public areas. You must not permit guests to park illegally in your vehicle.

* Be a good neighbour. Music, noise and litter levels should be kept to a minimum. After the party, immediately clean up outside litter.

* Tell rude or boisterous guests to leave. This guest could ruin the party for everyone else.

* Provide a range of non-alcoholic beverages to the designated driver or for those who don’t drink.

* Don’t encourage others to drink! It is not necessary to drink at a party in order to have a good time.

* Do not open the bar 90 minutes before the party ends. Time sobers are those who have been intoxicated.

* Tell intoxicated guests politely but firm that they cannot drive home because of your care. Designate drivers to transport partygoers to their destinations.

* Learn the signs and treatment for alcohol poisoning.

* Work with the police. They usually appear because someone has complained. An atmosphere of cooperation can help to reduce the need for enforcement actions.


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