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lauren summer flash

Lauren Summer Flash Banned From Major League Baseball

Lauren Summer Flash Major League Baseball

Apopka, Florida-based model lauren summer flash has been banned for life from Major League Baseball. She is known for her topless photos and is a member of the Shagmag team, which raises funds for breast cancer charities. She also claims that she selected Houston Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole at random. Her alleged actions caused a backlash from the public, and Major League Baseball banned her fellow teammate, Shagmag founder Julia Rose.

The problem with the images of Lauren Summer is that they are not safe for work. The World Series game was broadcast live and the two women were sitting behind home plate. During her at-bat, they were photographed exposing their breasts, and they were criticized by the baseball community. In response, Major League Baseball suspended them for a game for violating the rules. Although the World Series is still going on, the scandal surrounding Summer has spread to other sports stars.

Press Conference

In a press conference, the women defended themselves and apologized for exposing their breasts. Lauren Summer is an openly bisexual model and a former Shagmag brand executive. She has a private Patreon page where fans can support her in her mission to change the world. A membership can cost anywhere from $20 to $150. There is also a free Patreon campaign aimed at raising awareness about her controversial lifestyle and the dangers of using serotonergic drugs.

lauren summer flash

After the scandal, Lauren Summer was reportedly banned from baseball for the rest of her life. Her behavior involved lifting t-shirts during the break while sitting behind home plate. Her at-bat took place in the seventh inning, and viewers could not help but notice the models seated third row, behind the hitter. It was later revealed that the girls had planned the stunt to promote the Shagmag brand. She has admitted that she did it to make money.

During her World Series at-bat, Summer showed off her breasts during the game. She also posted videos of herself dancing to the music of “DJ’s Party” by Alicia Keys. She has 1.5 million followers and is the brand executive at Shagmag. Her flash videos are not only embarrassing for her, they are viral. Besides that, she is accused of being a sham. If you’re curious about how Lauren Summer got banned from MLB, please watch the following video.

Lauren Summer’s exposure of her breasts during the World Series has sparked a backlash. It has been claimed that Lauren Summer and Julia Rose were caught on camera during the at-bat and are now banned by the Major League Baseball for violating the rules of fan conduct. While the infamous incident has been a cause for concern for the two women, it’s worth analyzing how the actress ended up in such a controversial situation.


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