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Access Facebook Twitter Directly from Windows Start Menu local voice media

If you are a huge Facebook and Twitter user then you can get rid from the boring task like opening your browser then typing the Facebook or Twitter address every time. You can access Facebook or Twitter by a single click directly from your Windows start menu. Not only for Facebook or Twitter, you can apply this trick for any website.

Here is the step by step guide to pin Facebook, Twitter or any website shortcut in Windows 7, XP start menu.

Pin Facebook or Twitter in Windows 7 start menu

  1. At first right-click on an empty space of the desktop and choose New > Shortcut.
  2. In the “Create shortcut” dialogue box type the url “”. You can add any website address. Click on “Next”.
  3. Give a name of the shortcut, here “Facebook”.
  4. Now drag the shortcut icon and drop it in to the start menu. If you try to drop the shortcut to the start menu after clicking on the Start icon in Windows 7 then you will fail. So at first left-click on the “Facebook” shortcut icon, hold down the left mouse button and then press the Win key from the key board; now drag and drop the shortcut into the start menu.

You are done! You can directly open Facebook or any of your favorite website directly from Widows 7 start menu.

In the above method you will have to keep the shortcut at your desktop. But if you don’t want to keep more things in your desktop then you can create the shortcut at any location. The best place to create the shortcut is the Windows Start menu folder.

To open start menu folder in Windows 7 type the following path at the Windows 7 start menu search box

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu

Now create the shortcut as the same way that I mentioned before. The shortcut will appear at Start menu > All Programs.

But that is not the place that we exactly want. We do like to see the shortcut under the Start menu. For that, just go to Start menu > All Programs, right-click on the shortcut “Facebook”, drag it to the link “Back” (it will be highlighted), wait for a while; you will be back to the start menu list. Now place the shortcut at start menu.

Don’t like the icon? Let us change the icon picture.

Right-click on “Facebook” and select “Properties”. Under “Web Document” tab click on “Change icon”.

Copy the path C:\Windows\System32\shell32.dll and replace the existing one at the box then hit enter.

Now select the icon picture and click “OK” then “Apply”.

By the same way you can create a shortcut for Twitter and the other  favorite websites as well. Though I have describe the method for Windows 7, you can get the same in your Windows XP. The procedure is almost same.


6 Useful Services to Upload And Share Large Files Over Network local voice media

If you want to upload and share your files then generally you attach those files with the email. But if the file size is too large then it is not possible to send those large files with email because all the email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Msn and all other do not to attach the files more than 20 MB.(You might also like to read Upload And Share Easily Any Screen Shot By ScreenSnapr ) So the limited file size is not sufficient if you want to share large files like videos, movies or any larger file. There are some  web services that allows you to upload and share large files up to 5 GB.

  1. Upload and Share Multiple Large Files  by FileFactory

FileFactory is a great website for free file uploading and sharing. You can upload a large file here totally free. The most interesting feature of this site is that it lets you to upload multiple (up to 25) files at the same time and email the address of the location of the file to share with your friends. But the file size must be not more than 300 MB. You can upload any file from you computer or any remote server. You can also upload files from the FTP or by using a torrent file. But the later 2 facilities is only available for the premium account holders. This site does not require registration to upload a file but you can’t edit or delete the file you have uploaded without registration. So register to manage your files. It’s free.

  1. Upload and Share Large Files Without any Registration with YouSendIt

YouSendIt is a popular file sharing web service that lets you to upload multiple number of files of maximum size 100 MB each. You can send the download link to any Email address. But the download will available for 7 days only. You can also register for a free 14 days trial to upload the file and make it private to download like setting a password for download, Certified Delivery with Tracking, Getting an email notification informing you when your file is downloaded. But only to send files to your file does not require any registration. It is totally free.

  1. Upload and Share Large Files through Firefox Extension via is another file sharing service that allows you to upload multiple files. The size of file must not exceed 100 MB. There is no expiration time by default but you can set it and the file can be downloaded several times. Just create a drop which can be used later to organize your uploaded files. You can also make your files private by password protection. There is a Firefox add-on to upload the files in by drag and drop way. It is easy to work.

  1. Upload and Share Large Files with Password Protection via

If the file size that you want to upload and share is too big then TransferBigFiles sounds good. This service allows you to send the download link by email to any number of your friend at the same time along with some personal note. you can also password protect the uploaded file so that no unauthorized person can download it. You will get also an email notification when any body download it.

  1. Upload and Share up to 5GB Files for Free

File Dropper is the service that allows you to upload a file up to 5 GB of size. Any type of file can be uploaded in File Dropper. But here you can not upload multiple file at a time.

After the completion of the upload you will be given a download link so that you can use the link to down load the file and also mail them to your friend. no registration is needed her for uploading or sharing the files. But if signs up here then you can manage your uploads like you van delete or modify it in future. you can also password protect your uploaded file after the sign up process.

  1. How to share and Tweet Large Files from Phone or Desktop

Where all the services are famous for their uploading and sharing features, FileSocial lets you to share your files on twitter. After attachment of your file it will post a link to your file. There is another web service Sharesend which is also known as for the same job, but there is some problem with them in OAuth issue for twitter. So it is wise to use FileSocial which have not such issue.


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