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How to Get New Ideas for Writing Post – magic media

Are you suck with how to get [pii_email_501db617d32fd74c239a] new ideas for wiring post? Well, the blog posts are significantly important tool for attracting more visitors and improve blog traffic as well as to increase affiliate sales faster.

Frequently write new articles and published regularly will attract more readers to come to your blog and engage those as regular readers.

That is the simple knowledge that all bloggers and internet marketers know that the articles could increase affiliate sales fasters, but the serious problem for newbie bloggers how to get new ideas for writing post for their own blog.

Also, today I attended to the forum post and one guy has told me writing is an important element for internet marketing as well. So, today I please take of writing skill into my previous post “Why Newbie Internet Market fail with MLM business”.

Okay, I am not going to talk with you anymore. Please enjoy the bellow tips about how to get new ideas for writing post.

#1 read your own blog comments

The blog comments is the best way get new ideas. The readers read your posts, they misunderstand, need more information, or they shared some opinions about the post.

All those comments are good ideas for you to brainstorm new post. Thus, you have to response all comments and engage with those readers. Also, don’t forget to ask what they want to read next.

#2 you competitor blog

You competitive could tell about how to get new ideas for writing post for your own blog.

You have to bookmark your competitors’ blog and frequently read their new post.

You have to find out what you competitors missed in offering the new information their readers, that you chance to get new tips and offer those read of some missing information of your competitors’ blog.

Also, the comments on your competitors’ blogs are best for you to answer the question about “how to get new ideas for writing post”.

#3 asks in social media networks

Ask for new ideas in social media network such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so on. It could give you the effective answer of above question.

You know? Anytime I shared new post to social media network, I always ask about what my audiences want to read next.

Or sometime, I updated status for asking for new tips such as “hey friends, I suck no ideas for my writing. Could anyone please suggest some tips..?”.

I just updated the above friendly message. I got a lot of answers about “how to get new ideas for writing post”.

Also, that is the best ways to interactive with other social media users.

#4 Forum post

The forum post posting is also the most important for gathering new ideas. You know? A few months I got new tips from the forum post.

I think that is June, when I try to answer the forum question in order to increase blog backlinks. I got new ideas from one user about “Facebook Graph Search Tool” which I never heard before.

I learn from the post and research more about this topic, so I could get around 6 new topics of related topics to graph search tool.

Therefore, I will recommend attending forum post. You just write a question such as “how to get new ideas for writing post”. You will get a lot of answer and ideas for new topics.

#5 Review older articles

Your articles are not useful things, thus please do not through it out. Please open it and take read of some older posts.

You will find out some missing information which new topic for your own post. Or you could reproduce your articles by brainstorm new topic from older articles.


Well, I know that is not serious problem for experience bloggers to write post. Actually, I could around 8 – 10 posts a day my whole week update. I decided to write this tip because I know about difficulty of newbie blog to answer about “How to get new ideas for writing post?”.

I hope that you gain value from this tip and be able make your blog fresh update. The article is only one way to increase quality blog traffic of your own.

I wish within this tips you will be able to starting writing and make money from blog posts.

Kimsea Sok

Kimsea is owner and found of Basic blog Talk, He was a blogger for two years ago. I love write, reading, listing, and talking about basic blogging tips. Also, I am an active blogger who always guest post and comments, we could connect together for successful blogging career.

The Friendly Blog SEO Techniques That Working In 2013 – magic media

I feel like I am being crazy now. It is mid-year of 2013, but I share you about the friendly blog SEO techniques that work in 2013. Well, yesterday I read a blogger’s article which talk about SEO checklist in 2013.

You know? I was very surprise..! I forgot what year is it now. It is the year of 2013, but I never write any related to the year. Thus, today I decided to write about the friendly blog SEO techniques that work for this year. Here bellow what I use for my own blog.

Keep in quality and unique.

I don’t think that the unique ideas and quality content never been changed for this year and future. Whatever, to keep on quality contents and useful ideas are still the best ways for the friendly blog SEO techniques for the year of 2013.

Also, Google mentions about improve quality users search query through offering the quality contents to readers, Google Genuine 2.0.

Guest become the best

Also, the Genuine 2.0 have mention about the bad linking build ways. I am not going to talk what ways to increase value blog backlink are, but I am trying to explain you that some link building strategy such articles submission and classification are gone.

Therefore, guest blogging become the best ways for income blog backlinks and traffic right now.

Social media is still working

There is no bad information about using of social media for the friendly blog SEO techniques, thus it means that social media is still working as best for increase global link popularity and presented.

I still continue engage the people across the social media sites. The new information about authorship and Facebook graph search is most things to concern about Google+ and Facebook.

The friendly blog SEO techniques are not only for Google

Last night, I log in Google Analytic account there was a surprise thing. My organic traffic was change significantly strange. Yahoo organic is #1 (598) Google is #2 (582) Bing is #3 (489).

I think this change cause by Facebook graph search because Facebook allow users to search related information from Bing and yahoo directory from Facebook directly. So the friendly blog SEO techniques are not only work for Google.

I don’t expect Yahoo will list on the top organic traffic report, but last time I check analytic report I aware that Bing and Yahoo organic is significantly increase. I have aware other blogger about new search engine. I wrote about how to optimize friendly blog SEO for Facebook graph search, but I really not expected this result.

Please check analytic report, is any different and change? If said no, just continue your good job. I just want to aware you. Lol..!

It is your turn

Thanks for reading “the friendly blog SEO techniques”, I finished it to fast because I am being become a professional blogger as Ryan now. Lazy blog would be applying this tip. Any opinions, comments please enjoy bellow form.


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