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Roger Avary working on Silent Hill movie – midwest gaming and entertainment

The Rules of Attraction director and occasional Tarantino collaborator reveals he’s re-writing the Silent Hill movie.


Posting on his personal website, Roger Avary has claimed that he’s about to start work re-writing the screenplay for the Silent Hill movie, helping out fellow director Christophe Gan. The straggly-haired director, who won an Oscar for co-writing Pulp Fiction, certainly lends some credibility to the project, which is currently scheduled for a 2006 release. No further details are available, but Mr Avary did point out he hadn’t started on the script due a fatal error in his screenwriting software. Tsk.


Following the (some would say) succesful conversion of the Resident Evil series to the big screen, it seems those Hollywood fatcats can’t greenlight movies based on action/adventure games quick enough – an Alone in the Dark film, starring Christian Slater no less, is still in production, with BloodRayne and Far Cry movies still slated for release amongst others.


Metal Gear passes the Acid test – midwest gaming and entertainment

Hot new screens of Solid Snake’s PSP adventure Metal Gear Acid, featuring furious card-based action!


While we love Hideo Kojima very much and would like to have his little bespectacled babies in gratitude for the last two amazing Metal Gear Solid games, we’re finding ourselves questioning his logic over Snake’s new PSP outing, Metal Gear Acid. Rather then knock up a brand new 3D MGS adventure on a smaller scale (or simply port over an existing title), Hideo’s taken a somewhat different approach, opting for a turn-based card game affair which sees you drawing from a deck of abilities in-game. We’re as mystified as you on how the game will work, but these new screens certainly whet our appetite.


The screens reveal that the cards will be split into several different categories including weapons, items, actions and characters. Quite how the card system will come into play has not yet been made clear, but we’ll wager a guess and say it’ll be a darn sight more entertaining than the mind-numbing tedium of Yu-Gi-Oh. One screen even shows a brand new female character (it’s not Meryl, calm down) which leads us to believe that some character-swapping shenanigans may well be on the cards. Arf.


We’ll have a better idea of how Metal Gear Acid works when it’s displayed at the Tokyo Games Show next month, so holster your SOCOM and remain skulking in the shadows until then, you loon.

Rockstar’s spoof GTA San Andreas pre-launch sites have finally surfaced, and lend credence to the Shaun Ryder cameo rumours.


Dancing monkey boy friend not picturedPhew, that was a close one, almost a whole week without mentioning Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Sensing Friday lethargy was about to get the better of us, Rockstar decided to deploy their customary spoof websites in preperation for San Andreas’s arrival in October, and they throw up a few new tidbits of info.


San Andreas spoof sites launch- midwest gaming and entertainment

The first, found at, is a mock-religious website which claims that the Earth is only 157 years old (fact) and that dinosaurs never existed, and the only people who believe so are weak (also fact). Don’t let the fact that they’re based in the Cayman Islands put you off, or the fact that their ancient text “hasn’t been written yet.” The only links to the game are the testimonials from locations in the GTA universe like Los Santos, San Fierro and Carcer City, but we wouldn’t be surprised if followers of the Program can be found wandering the streets of San Andreas, rather like the Hare Krishna of the first GTA.


Despite being fake (and rather amusing), it seems that a fair few people have found fulfillment with the Epsilon Program, including the original Madchester figurehead Maccer. The second spoof site to be launched today, is the homepage of the Salford-born recording artist (formerly of The Gurning Chimps) who has apparently been ‘mad for it since 1989’. There’s loads of great stuff on the site, including an MP3 of a Maccer Press Conference, the voice in which sounds suspiciously like that of Shaun ‘melon twister’ Ryder, formerly of the Happy Mondays. Rumours are have been flying around that Ryder was to voice a character in San Andreas for ages, this new site appears to confirm just that. We won’t be happy until Bez is on board.


Of course, none of this silliness should distract you from the fact that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas will be released on PS2 on October 22nd this year, and that pre-ordering will soon become required by goverment law. See you next week.


Weapons of Evil – midwest gaming and entertainment

Resi 4 arsenal revealed – just because they’re not technically zombies doesn’t mean you can’t unload your clip into their heads.


So, it’s all change then; the old guard has been shown the door (loading…) and a new breed of horror is to take its place, but will the newly rejuvenated Resident Evil 4 still have what it takes to compete? More importantly, given that Evil is currently residing on the GameCube (generally not a console known for its mature audience), will it pull its punches? Judging by these latest screenshots, the answer to that last one is thankfully a resounding no – Resident Evil 4 is looking nastier, dirtier and more terrifying than ever before, and it’s not afraid to show a bit of claret.


First up is old faithful, the trusty shotgun. If you’ve ever played a Resi game before you’ll know how satisfying these particular weapons of mass destruction are, especially when a head shot produces a veritable geyser of gore from the neck of whatever unfortunate happened to be in your sights. Then there’s the smaller (but no less effective) handgun, the automatic sub, the one-shot sniper scope (not pictured) and the all-singing, all-dancing harbinger of doom aka the rocket launcher. Carol Smillie and Handy Andy will have their work cut out getting those stains out of the carpet. The new over-the-shoulder viewpoint should also make targeting enemies much less hassle than previous incarnations.


Also included below are screenshots of the president’s daughter Ashley, the small, blonde reason all of these mental inbred country folk want to sup on your brains. If Capcom have followed Game Clichés 101 then we can safely say that she will be irritating, snot-nosed and annoying, and won’t be vulnerable to your errant gunfire. Damn.


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