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How to Remove Ads From Xiaomi Mi Smartphone Tips & Tricks 2019 – mobile solutions services

Xiaomi is Most Popular Brand in India. Xiaomi Smartphone is the ads in MIUI OS. Xiaomi Smartphone Running MIUI 10 OS Such as Redemi Note 7, Redmi Note 7 Pro and More Smartphone. Below Trick Added to Remove Ads from Mi Smartphone. How to remove ads from Xiaomi phone running MIUI 10. The first step is to disable MSA.

If you’ve bought a Xiaomi smartphone that runs MIUI, chances are that you’ve seen a bunch of ads in every corner of the software. From the Security app to the widgets on the home screen, MIUI crams ads in every possible place. It is possible to remove these ads, even if it involves a lot of work. We were so annoyed by these ads that we decided that we need to disable all of them. This tutorial will help you remove all ads from MIUI on your Xiaomi smartphone. These steps should work on all smartphones running MIUI 10.

Xiaomi has tried hard to ensure that you don’t disable this service. In MIUI 9, disabling MSA used to take two or three attempts, and you didn’t have to wait 10 seconds each time for the Revoke button — all that seems to have changed. These steps will help you get rid of ads in the Mi File Manager app. These steps will help you remove ads from the Mi Video app in MIUI 10. You can easily disable ads in the Mi Browser, Mi Security, and Mi Music apps in MIUI 10 via the Settings app on your Xiaomi phone. Follow these steps.

How to Remove Ads from Xiaomi MI Smartphone Trick 2019

    Get Xiaomi Mi Smartphone MIUI 10 Supported

    Go to Settings >> Additional Settings >> Authorization & revocation >> and set MSA to OFF

    Now, wait for 10 seconds before you can tap Revoke.

    Once you tap, You will Get Message “Couldn’t revoke authorization”.

    You will see this error at least three to five times before this permission is revoked. Keep trying until you succeed.

    After this, go to Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Ad services Personalized ad recommendations > and set it to Off.

    That’s it you will Successfully OFF ADS

How to remove ads from Mi File Manager in MIUI 10

    Unlock Your Device

    Go to Mi FIle Manager.

    Tap the hamburger icon on the top-left

    Tap About.

    Tap Recommendations to switch this Off.

    If you have any app folders on your Xiaomi smartphone, tap the name of the folder (as you would if you want to rename it)

    Then disable Promoted apps.

    This will remove promoted apps that show up in various MIUI folders.

How to remove ads from MIUI Cleaner in MIUI 10

    Open MIUI Cleaner.

    Tap the brush icon on the top-right.

    Tap the gear icon on the top-right.

    Tap Receive recommendations to switch this Off.

How to remove ads from Mi Video in MIUI 10

    Go to Mi Video.

    Tap Account on the bottom-right.

    Tap Settings.

    Set Online recommendations to Off. This will get rid of promotional content.

    Set Push notifications to Off. This will get rid of spammy notifications.

How to remove ads from MIUI 10’s Mi Browser, Mi Security, and Mi Music apps

    Go to Settings > System app settings > Security > Receive recommendations Off. This will disable ads in Mi Security.

    Now go to Settings > System app settings > Music > Receive recommendations Off. This will disable ads in Mi Music.

    Next up, go to Settings > System app settings > Browser > Privacy & security > Recommended for you > Off. This is one step towards removing ads from Mi Browser.

    To completely remove ads from Mi Browser, go to Settings > System app settings > Browser > Advanced > Set start page > and change this to whichever URL you prefer. This will disable the default start page that has a lot of promotional content.

Google Pay Tez Shot Game Win Free Scratch Card Unlimited Trick – mobile solutions services

Google Pay Tez Shot Game – Win Free Scratch Cards. Google Tez Shot Game Unlimited Trick 2019. Get started with Tez Shots You can play Tez Shots on your mobile device and win scratch cards. The higher your score, the more scratch cards you can win. Earn scratch cards and other rewards as you use Google Pay worth up to ₹1,00,000*. You don’t need to hunt for coupon codes. If you win, your rewards go straight into your bank account.

Join me on Google Pay, a secure app for money transfers, bills and recharges. Enter my code Tt7q9 to earn ₹51 back on your first payment!

Google Pay Tez Shots Game Offer Page Link:

I just tried Tez Shots on Google Pay Android. Take a look!

How Avail Google Pay Tez Shot Game Offer Earn Scratch Card:

    First of all Update Google Pay App Click Here

    Enter Mobile Number & Verify via OTP

    Note: This Number Connected Bank Account

    If you First Time Using Select Bank

    Verify Number Automatically

    Enter Debit Card Details

    Enter UPI Pin & Successfully Login Google Pay App

    Go to Top Right 3 Dot >> Tap on Referral Code

    Enter This Google Pay Referral Code: Tt7q9

    You will Get Free Scratch Card

    Click Here & Visit Google Pay Tez Shot Game Page

    Tap on Play Now & Play This Game That’s it

How to Play Google Pay Tez Shots Game:

Play. Pay. Earn rewards.

    Play Tez Shots Score as many runs as you can

    Collect locked scratch cards Earn locked scratch cards when you reach milestones

    Unlock the rewards Make the kind of payment specified in the scratch card to win rewards

Game rules

    This game is only available on Android app version 34.0.001_RC01 or above. Upgrade to the latest version to play.

    This is a limited-time promotion and Google reserves the right to end it at anytime without notice.

    You can play as many times as you like during the promotion period. Your total score is the sum of runs in all the games that you played. If you exit a game before it ends, the score for that game will not be added to the total score

    Whenever you reach a total score that is indicated as a “milestone” in the game, you will earn a locked scratch card.

    To unlock the scratch card and earn the reward, you must successfully complete the qualifying transaction assigned to the locked scratch card during the offer period as mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Google Pay Tez Shot Game Unlimited Free Scratch Card Trick:

 I Will Upload Trick To Score Unlimited Runs In This Game, With This Trick You Won’t Get out & You Can Score Big Runs. Trick Will be Added Soon Keep Visiting.


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