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Premises Liability

Most Common Premises Liability Accident Cases

As a worker, you might be working with all your heart in your office or industry. However, sometimes workplace hazards with an employee can hurt others as well. While it might be overwhelming to witness an accident from the outside, it can be even more traumatic when the accident happens to you. While you have to deal with the pain and suffering, you can at least get financial aid to treat your injuries and other losses sustained due to those wounds. Some of you might even have to lose your job because of your damages which might result in income loss. 

Whether you suffer from long-term injuries or short-term bruises, premises liability claims are there to provide you compensation for the losses you have sustained due to those injuries. Nevertheless, contacting a premises accident lawyer can help you figure out how to cover your medical bills and other damages. 

Most common premises liability accident claims 

  • Ceiling collapse 

Ceiling collapses are prevalent in spaces that remain closed for a long time. Often places that do not have a lot of human interaction are left unattended and have maintenance issues. However, it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain the place so that no one experiences a hazard. If the owner fails to do so, they are liable to pay you compensation for all the injuries and losses you sustain because of the accident.

In most cases, where the house or place is maintained for a long time, the ceiling gets weak. This might frighten into a ceiling collapse, and the people who live there on rent or are visiting might face life-threatening situations.  If you are in a similar case and face injuries, rush to the doctor immediately and get medical attention.  

  • Elevator accidents 

Several premises do not maintain their elevators for months and years. However, the negligence of the authorities can result in a life-threatening hazard for the passenger running the elevator. Sometimes due to the lack of a mantis bed, the elevator ropes might break, or there might be a mechanical issue due to which the elevator stops.

The student stops might result in a jerk inside the elevator resulting in a passenger crashing inside the elevator. The passengers can sustain severe head and back injuries and might even have claustrophobia if they fear closed spaces.  

Any of the injuries caused in such an accident can be claimed. The owner of the building or premises is liable paid to pay compensation. 


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