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New Ideas Marketing Accounting From Chris Distefano Wife

Looking for new ideas for chris distefano wife marketing accounting services — practical tips and successful ways to get more clients?

You’ve just entered the world’s largest web site for in-depth articles and tips on marketing accounting services. Congratulations on having FOUND on the Internet!

This web site is for Accounting Professionals in public practice interested in finding new clients and acquiring a better competitive edge in their local area.

There are more than 50 full-length articles on chris distefano wife marketing accounting services on this web site, including subjects you’ve most likely never come across anywhere else.

This information is based on an extensive 3-year accounting service marketing project in which more than 50 practices participated and thousands of preselected prospective clients were found.

This marketing project was unlike any other in that it was continued until the system worked uniformly in the hands of every Accounting professional and they could obtain prospective clients at will and, eventually, close most of these onto their services.

The remarkable thing about this Accountancy marketing project was that it wasn’t really based on delivering marketing services to Accounting professionals in public practice, but instead the goal was to FIND successful prospecting, marketing and sales actions pertaining to Accounting services and DOCUMENT these into ready tools — such as direct mailing letters, interviews, presentation kits, closing forms — which would produce desired results if used… so these tools can be used by any Accounting professional to get the same results without any prior marketing or sales experience.

In fact, we half-stumbled upon a method by which an Accountant can outsell the best sales experts and yet remain in his chosen role as a consulting Accounting professional.

It’s quite exciting because this system now offers the smaller firms a mighty equalizer: They can outsell and win clients from bigger firms but without having to spend huge sums of money in marketing.

Well, you’ll read all about it in the articles on this site, I hope. As you’ll see, this is a very PRACTICAL approach to marketing accounting services. The emphasis everywhere has been to find successful actions on how to obtain the result desired and not so much on theory of marketing.

When we started this project, we assumed it would be quite easy to create a cost-effective, practical system for obtaining Accounting clients.

But we soon found that it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t going to be quick, either.

The first problem emerged when our surveys showed that business owners consider the services of Accounting firms totally identical. Further, they saw changing Accountants as a risky undertaking with additional costs and work.

Thus, we had to start testing from the very FIRST part of marketing — the PACKAGING of the basic service that a firm must offer in order to interest business owners.

Offering a new and interesting Accounting service

Tell me… why would business owners bother going into all that trouble to CHANGE Accountants if what you offer them is basically identical to the service they’re receiving from their CURRENT Accountant?

Thus we see that, to CREATE INTEREST we have to PACKAGE our services in a way that is new, interesting and very much aligned with what business owners WANT from Accounting services (but aren’t getting from their current service provider).

It’s all a question of PACKAGING — the first phase of marketing — and unless you can offer a new service that aligns exactly with the wishes of business owners, there’s little hope to accelerate the speed with which you obtain new clients.

To get a better picture on what this means and how you can repackage your basic service to add tremendous value so it will practically sell itself,

Evaluating Marketing Services offered to Accounting firms

Chris Distefano Wife purpose is to give you information to evaluate and compare the marketing services and tools currently offered to Accounting firms.

You should evaluate for yourself what is the most beneficial and useful way of marketing your services.

The purpose of this web site is to give you the ability to get new clients cost-efficiently whenever you want. It is possible, you know.

But it starts with information that’ll allow you to personally evaluate and compare the different elements and factors of marketing Accounting services.

chris distefano wife

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There are about 50 in-depth articles on this web site, all concerning the marketing and sales of accounting services for the benefit of accounting professionals in public practice. We are also authoring new articles as new research projects are finished and these are then added to the site as soon as possible.

There are a long list of articles which are available ONLY to those who subscribe to our free newsletter.

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