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How to Get Real People To YouTube Video Channel – niit media technologies

Friends, I did my promise now. Today I going today share with you about how to get real people to YouTube video channel. The previous post, I wrote about why you should undertake video marketing social media.

I have described about the how to increase quality blog traffic via video marketing and other benefit such to increase affiliate sales through the high conversion advertising though videos uploading.

However, it not means that all could gain the benefit from uploading video marketing.

Therefore, today I decided to add more value to the previous tips through this tips how to get real people to YouTube video channel. I am going to tell some ways to increase traffic to you YouTube channel.

Here the bellow tips, please enjoy my ways and I hope it will useful to you

#1 upload quality clip

Whatever you are implementing, the content marketing or web media marketing you will need the quality to make your reader enjoy it. You have to create the video that provided education and expertise sharing.

Unlike the movies, you have to make your clip short and quality. Please careful about noisy sound and media quality, especially make it short. I recommend around 5 – 10 minute length, the long length make viewer not convenience sine the internet speed make difficult and could patient.

I think that it a good idea of how to get real people to YouTube video channel. You know? Your clips will be bookmarked, shared, or subscribed by viewer whenever they enjoy it.

#2 get social media popular traffic

The social media platform is the best ways to increase traffic to your YouTube videos.

After, finished uploaded your clips you have to share it across various social media platform such Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and others as many as you could do it.

Well, the social media traffic is the way for how to get real people to YouTube video channel. You know? Whenever, your clips were liked, bookmarked, shared, tweet, +1, or subscribed by social media users, if they love your clip.

So, that is a very good idea to share the videos after upload.

#3 let your readers see you vides

You should not forget your loyalty readers. Also they are the way to configure the question of how to get real people to YouTube video channel. You just write short tips related to your current clip and embed your video into the post.

The readers read the tips and watch the video, anytime the interested your clips they will go through to watch other related clip. They will share, like, tweet, or subscribed anytime the love it.

I have no idea to skip embedding of YouTube video into the post since you gain traffic your channel and attract more readers’ attention.

#4 media clip bookmark

The media clip bookmarking is the way for how to get real people to YouTube video channel. Some bookmark sites such Pinterest, Dig, and so on allow bookmarking media clip.

You have to bookmark your clips to many bookmark site which all media bookmarking. I may not tell where you should bookmark your video feed, but Google has big list of media bookmarking sites.

#5 videos syndicate traffic

It is not so different between articles and web media, there were syndicate site which allow you to place you videos feed. You have to find those websites and place to gain the advantage of auto syndicate.

With this videos syndication, you get external traffic media channel. You know? The syndicating not only give the traffic from their current users, but the best answer for how to get real people to YouTube video channel.

The search engine indexed the syndicated link and list it searches result page, so you will get double traffic from search engine listing.

#6 ask for help

The last is your current viewers, you say thanks at the end of you clip and ask them to share you channel. The view is so they will help to your video to social media network and spread the video by the word of mouth.

Nothing bad, to do this..!

Why You Should Undertake Video Marketing Social Media Strategy – niit media technologies

The video marketing social media strategy is one important work you should implement right now, if you did not do it yet. I have blog three years ago, but I never created any video for social media marketing and advertising.

The English is my second language so I feel none confident to create the video and speak in English. However, now I have implemented the video marketing social media strategy. I think that is so important thing which you should undertake the chance to increase quality blog traffic with YouTube and the other videos platform.

The video marketing is not only ways get quality traffic, but it is a high conversion advertising which could increase affiliate sales faster. Here bellow what you get from video marketing social media strategy.

#1 increase quality blog traffic

I please mention about the most important benefit of blog traffic. Well, the traffic what every blogger and webmaster needed. Without the visitors, you will get nothing from you blog. And you may not make any sales, result you could generate money from blog.

Within the video marketing social media strategy, you will increase quality blog traffic. Why I said it is quality traffic. Well, see bellow list

    Search Engine traffic, since the YouTube and other video platform was index by search engine. So your videos will have chance to appear on the listing.

    Related video, YouTube offered users more information by listed related videos on right of videos search. Thus, you will have the chance to get view.

    Also, you could leave you link in such social media profile, personal blog, and as well as affiliate link on your channel page.

#2 Increase affiliate sales faster

Well, since you are implementing video marketing social media strategy so you will increase more selling or your product and make money faster via video advertising. You know..? Video clip is the high conversion advertising which catch you viewers’ eyes easily.

It is easy to make viewers sensitive about your product benefits through the content of the clip. The video is more attractive than the articles because viewers could see exactly understand what you want to explain them about.

Moreover, the most of people don’t to read a long articles online since bright and contras make them could patient to readers. Thus, the video clip is the best solution for those people. I think that reason you start you own video marketing social media strategy.

#3 gets more subscribers

The web media platform such YouTube allowed users to subscription feature to subscribe any movie or clips they are interesting. Therefore, you will engage those viewers to subscribe to your video and connect with them whenever the new video were published on your channel.

Also, it allowed to place your social media network link such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, and so on. Those links will give value back to you increase more subscribers to you social media channel as well mailing list.


The video marketing social media strategy is an opportunity which all bloggers and internet marketers should be undertakes in order to increase more traffic as well as rich business purposes. I tried it few week ago, I feel now I could get better result from my clip publishing.


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