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Points to ponder while filing for a no-fault divorce in Ohio

A divorce is often a long and painstaking process that involves time and effort. Divorce in Ohio can be sought on two grounds – Fault and No-fault divorce. Contending for divorce is always easier with the help of experienced attorneys like the Columbus divorce attorneys who can help you in every turning of the case. 


Main features of a No-fault divorce 


A no-fault divorce is defined as that type of divorce that is contended not based on any particular fault of any party involved in the marriage. Rather, in a no-fault divorce, the incompatibility of the marriage is the biggest issue. If you are someone who is not getting enough mental, sexual, or emotional support from your partner, you can file for a no-fault divorce. 


In Ohio, a no-fault marriage can be filed based on many reasons like the wilful unavailability of the spouse, incompatibility due to such unavailability, etc. 


However, both parties should agree to the divorce for the proceeding to go smoothly. Otherwise, the case will be taken to the court where the court can intervene in the further proceedings.


Who gets the child in a no-fault divorce?


In a fault divorce, the verdict is usually biased to the plaintiff’s side if the defender is found guilty of the charges pressed against him/her. But in the case of no-fault divorce, the court will decide with whom the kids live after considering many factors. 


The financial stability of the spouses, the attachment of kids to other family members, and the decision of the kids after interviewing the kids’ matters in such cases.


Why should one file a no-fault divorce?


A no-fault divorce in Ohio is usually filed by those couples who think that their marriage is falling apart due to reasons that are not based on any external influences but the incompatibility brewing between them. 


The incompatibility may have started due to many reasons, like the busy work schedules of the spouses, one spouse leading a life that is not acceptable by the other one, occasional ruffles that widens the gap between the couples, etc. 


In such cases, it is best for both parties to file a divorce than continue in a toxic marriage that can affect their career and life in the long term.




Contending a divorce can be tough considering the time and money it consumes. But with the right divorce attorney by your side, pursuing a divorce and receiving a positive result is way easier.

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