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What are the best USB fans for mobile? – shamrock technologies

Some people have little tolerance to heat and preferring much more cold climates there are a lot of people who suffer when summer comes. The USB fans for mobile have been created as a tool to generate air to the user and refresh a bit about the impending vapor inherent to that time of year. In addition, they help the processor to work in a better way and make sure that your mobile will not be unexpectedly damaged by an excess of effort doing some task in low temperatures.


This article is created to explain some peculiarities that you should take into account if you want to acquire a good USB fan for mobile.


Initially, size and lightness are factors that can not be subjected to chance. Depending on the use you want to give, your requirements are completely different and may vary. Just as the size can not be excessive, its weight has to be moderate; this will help you move it more easily.


In the same way, you should consider the level of compatibility when connecting the fan with your devices, so that it can be detected easily and by various operating systems.


On the other hand, the materials of manufacture will give you an idea about the quality of the USB fan for mobile, as well as its durability for a longer period of time.


Then, based on the comparison made by users, you can read the review we design and write for you. You can observe the characteristics of each of the USB fans for mobile mentioned in the following part and select the option of your preference.


Recommended Products

Bigmeda Mofan062703


Because of its ease of installation, this mobile USB fan has been positioned as a beneficial option to meet your needs and fulfill the required functions, such as ventilate the mobile phone processor and improve its performance. For the operation of Bigmeda, no alternate electric currents are needed, nor previously install any application.


The product is completely plug and play, which means that once the device is introduced to the mobile, it starts to work and can be used quickly. This saves the user installation time and helps him to enjoy the purchased product much more efficiently.


On the other hand, Bigmeda weighs only 18 grams. This feature makes it extremely easy to transport, since it is quite light and coupled with small dimensions, it fits easily in any pocket or bag.


Also, it is a completely silent product and while it works, it does not cause inconveniences to the users, corresponding to the generated noise. It is compatible with various versions of Android and iOS, so if you have a mobile with one of these systems you can take advantage of its benefits.

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CSL-Computer A45819x60


A compact design and good manufacturing materials are the main characteristic of CSL-Computer. Likewise, it can be placed in any space and easily moved.


Its silicone manufacturing materials completely guarantee that the use of the USB fan for mobile generates enough air, being especially used in the summer and on those hot days in which the user needs to cool down at all costs.


In addition, it is compatible with a large number of mobile phones with Android systems, iOs, tablets, power Banks and other devices that use USB inputs, and with a USB 1.1 or 3.0 connection, it will be easy to use and start its operation.


Unlike the previous model, to use this USB fan for mobile, it must have the OTG function and in case of not having this function, CSL-Computer can not be used.

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Westeng C144351AAO7T101


Westeng has been one of the most widely received products by users; Each of its characteristics make it a special and suitable option to cover your needs for fresh air. For its part, this model does not consume too much battery and can be used for days, without just presenting failures or warn that their energy levels have dropped.


It is also a mobile USB fan of the Android operating system completely silent and fulfills all its functions without generating annoying noises or interrupting the user in any of their daily activities.


On the other hand, Westeng also uses a plug and play technology that allows fast operation and eliminates tedious processes such as installing applications, requesting a factory requirement or making changes to the mobile phone; just install the USB mobile phone fan on the device and you can immediately feel the fresh air it generates.

Radio alarm clock: Buying guide, Opinions and Analysis – shamrock technologies

Although they sound like something old, the alarm clocks have evolved into products that can even be used as an MP3 player, as a charger for your iPhone and as a manager of your first awakening. Although it is true that to have these functions will be necessary to bet on quality models, which have the just functions that you need to have on your table. It’s just what the Sony ICF-C1PJ model has, which has a USB port for your mobile phone or to play files, a wall projection system and 10 presets, along with sounds of nature for your awakening. A complete product that has become the favorite of consumers. Also attractive is the Audiosonic CL-1492 model, which offers a very useful system with double alarm, perfect for couples. It also has a projection system and has SLEEP function and calendar.


What is the best alarm clock on the market?


Although the basic function of a clock radio is to be able to wake up at a certain time, it also has a variety of functions available that make it difficult to make a choice. With this guide to buy the best radio alarm we want to help you make the best decision so that you get the best benefit from your investment.


Shopping guide



To choose which radio alarm clock is best and best suited to your own needs, it is necessary to take into account its design, since it will be the first thing you look at every time you wake up. There are models available with different sizes, colors and styles, and you can even have alarm radios in the form of famous characters or cartoons, which is especially convenient for the little ones in the house.


You can also prefer models that have different alarm sounds or that are automatically deactivated during weekends, although some special features will influence how much a clock radio costs. Among the many advantages you will find in having a clock radio alarm is that you can also use it as an audio source in your room, so it is advisable that you consider purchasing a digital alarm clock radio with built-in MP3 and CD player or iPod connectivity, so that You can enjoy listening to your favorite music, be it before you fall asleep, when you wake up or during your free time.


The higher priced models also have better sound quality and automatic volume adjustment when the alarm is activated.

Sound options


The sound quality of a clock radio is determined by the output power and the number of speakers. Usually a radio alarm has 1 or 2 speakers with a power of 1 to 3 watts each. Models that include CD, MP3 or iPod connectivity regularly offer better sound quality.


A recommended option is to buy a cheap alarm clock radio that includes a CD or MP3 player, so you can wake up to the sound of your favorite music instead of the radio stations. You can also prefer that it allows you to dock your iPod.


Among other sound options, some models have dual alarms that offer you to configure at the same time 2 different alarms, ideal for couples who have to get up at different times. Other models offer progressive volume alarm that gives you a soft sound that increases to a predetermined level, which prevents you from waking up suddenly or with a start.




The screen of a clock radio clock allows you to see, in addition to the time, the different functions of the device therefore, it depends on your taste and personal need, to choose that it is large and bright enough to do it comfortably.


It is usually a digital screen with LED technology usually with green or red light. Some screens have a light intensity controller, adjustable to various intensities, automatic attenuators that activate depending on the surrounding light, or total shutdown of the screen, which is turned on at the touch of a button for a few seconds and It turns off again, which is very useful at night.

Other features


There are other features that you can evaluate and choose, based on your own tastes and needs, when comparing available alarm radios, such as reserve power, memory to store your favorite radio stations, remote control and timer.


Backup power ensures that the clock and alarm programming is not lost when a power failure occurs, so you can always reach your commitments on time.


Most models have memory to store 10 to 20 preset radio stations, so you can quickly reach your favorite stations without having to search manually. A few others have remote control to control functions remotely. Many others have an automatic shutdown timer of up to 1 hour, so you can sleep listening to your favorite music.


Because it is important to be informed before making a decision, in this purchase guide we have simplified the essential design, sound and screen features, which you should consider when buying a radio alarm clock. Be sure to check this or other products before making any purchase.

What is the best alarm clock radio of 2018?


Have you ever been late for work because you did not hear the alarm clock? Did you forget to activate the mobile alarm clock and did not arrive on time for that important date? It’s time for you to decide and buy one of the best alarm radios 2018.


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