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Mind Aerobics stone medical group

I’ve always had an immediate fascination paired with skepticism when it comes to Holosync and all brainwave entrainment products. I love the heck out of my Sirius Mind Machine but never really felt like all the claims involving binaural beats and brain states matched up  (i.e. this session will help you study, this session will help you learn a new language, etc)-  not so much out of skepticism of the evidence, but just my personal experience. I just relax and let go and enjoy the show.

And so it goes with things like Holosync: awesome product, huge reach, and tons of testimonials on how well it works. Sounds good indeed. But what about the evidence? We’ll get to that in a second.

At this point I should mention I’ve only had the opportunity to experience the sample CD from Holoysync. Much to my suprise, I swear to god I felt like it was immediatetely relaxing me. If I remember correctly, it was a brainwave entrainment CD with all the brainwave entrainment / binaural beats activity hidden underneath a very nice rain soundtrack.

It was kinda amazing and I wish I still had it so I could have done it again right before writing this article, which cam,e about as I was doing some research today on Mind Aerobics and what really caught my eye was some of the research surrounding the product.

Mind Aerobics by Holysync

What Is It?

Mind Aerobics is a new brainwave entrainment product from Holosync, a company that is probably the biggest player in the market for brainwave entrainment CD’s, mp3′s and related products.

What is Brainwave Synchronization?

If you’re not familiar with this, it might sound strange or even scary but in my opinion it’s pretty cool.

The idea is that you push two different frequencies into the body / brain / head at once – one via each headphone plug. These frequencies will be different, and your brain will synchronize its brainwave patterns to meet in the middle. This means that it’s possible to manipulate the brainwave pattern inside your head to match a class of brainwaves associated with a desired state. Pretty cool, eh?

For example, here’s a look at the 4 brain wave patterns and the associated state of mind with such a pattern:

  • Beta: concentration, learning, attentiveness. This is the normal state of consciousness you’re in when you’re going about your day doing stuff. As Meditation is Easy puts it, “If you are alert and awake, you are in Beta now.”
  • Alpha: concentration – but a more relaxed state of concentration is associated with the alpha state. Some describe it as a relaxed wakefulness.
  • Theta: dreaming, creativity, meditation, hypnosis.
  • Delta: deep dreamless sleep.

It’s easy to see the potential in devices that allow us to get to these states with the press of a button.

Research Surrounding Mind Aerobics

What really caught my eye about Mind Aerobics is some of the research mentioned on their website promoting the product. While I can’t find a proper write up of the study – only a few of the selected results as delivered by the company – I did unearth that it was done by a respected doctor named Dr. Vincent C. Giampapa. He runs a plastic surgery practice but more interestingly, he’s involved in a lot of anti-aging work having been a founding member of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine and even serving as the President to the American Board of Anti Aging Medicine. So what I’m getting at is he seems legit, which is good when it comes to study on weird things like brainwave entrainment, especially when it’s pushing a product. I would like to know more of how he got involved with Holosync, but I couldn’t find any info on that.

Supposedly using Mind Aerobics brainwave entrainment accomplished the following in his study’s subjects:

  • About 70% of the people experienced substantial increase in DHEA levels – on average an almost 50% increase. Some saw a 90% incrase in DHEA levels. Why does this matter? Because DHEA is associated with improvements in memory, bone health, and sexual health. The body produces its own DHEA and it’s become a popular over the counter supplement. But if Mind Aerobics naturally increases the body’s production of DHEA… that’s impressive.
  • About 70% of the people saw a decrease in cortisol. Cortisol isn’t some “bad” thing inherently, it’s a normal part of the body but having high level of cortisol is associated with feeling stressed out. In fact, too much cortisol is related to a bunch of negative things, like decreased congition, hyperglycemia, weaker bones, higher blood pressure, and a weakened immune system.
  • About 75% of people saw a huge increase in melatonin levels – the average is almost a doubling of melatonin, which seems kind of crazy to me! Melatonin is associated with good ol’ fashioned restful sleep. (And for what it’s worth, it’s also a hell of a lot better than buying strong insomnia tablets – it’s a great OTC medicine for getting some rest that carries no harsh side effects for most people.)

So if these claims really stack up, that’s pretty amazing.

It makes me wonder why things like brainwave entrainment don’t get more attention from “modern medicine.”

Is it because the studies aren’t peer reviewed or is it just because the subject matter is kind of on the fringe, so to speak?

My guess is a little bit of both. What do you think?

Tell Us Your Story With Mind Aerobics

I’d be really curious to hear from you if you’ve had the chance to spend some time doing Mind Aerobics. Feel free to hit up the comments with your experience – good or bad. What’s the program like? Is it worth it? Would you recommend it? Does it accomplish it’s goals or is Mind Aerobics a scam in your opinion? And anything else on your mind.

Can B6 Keep Me Awake At Night? stone medical group

eople interested in their dreams have long noted the fascinating relationship between Vitamin B6 and dreams.

My own interest in dreams is no exception: one of the earliest blog posts I ever wrote about documented my dream reports after taking B6. It’s something that still intrigues the hell out of me to this day.

So why this all fascination with B6?

For one:

B6 is familiar. People aren’t scared to try it out of fear or unfamiliarity, such as that which might be felt in regard to experimenting with other dream potentiators, such as Calea Zacatechichi, African Dream Root, or galantamine.

Yet most importantly:

B6 works. And by that, I mean it tends to have a dramatic effect on the dreams of everyone who tries it. Whereas the aforementioned “dream herbs” are infamous for having mixed results, B6 tends to slam you over the head and take your dreaming mind for a little roller coaster ride! (For me, the dreams tend to always be so intense they become nightmares.)

However, surely knowing that B6 can effect your dreams, I recently had someone ask the question:

“Can B6 Keep Me Awake At Night?”

In my own experience, this has never been the case. Additionally, I have never heard of anyone having problems falling asleep after taking B6. I don’t think there’s any correlation between B6 and insomnia or any kind of sleep problems. I don’t see how it would act on the brain to keep you up.

But, since so many people out there reading this have experience dosing up with B6 to effect their dreams  it got me curious: do any of you have any experiences where B6 kept you awake at night?

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