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The Best League of Legends Champions for You to Choose from and How to Get to Know Them

The league of LoL fans increases each year by thousands. More people are discovering the game, making it their digital home. For some, it’s easy to get how to play the game, while others need some help.

For example, getting to know the best champions for beginners is quite tough if you’ve barely heard about League of Legends before. There are hundreds of YouTube videos on the topic, but there’s nothing better than a professional helping you live.

Gladly, we have found the best team of pro players that boost beginners and experienced players to the highest heights in a short time. We also know what champions you should choose to make sure your first experiences with the game are smooth and interesting.

So, if you’re looking at the Summoner’s Rift map and can’t understand what is going on there with over 150 champions to pick from, this article is definitely for you. Let’s get familiar with the best champs and find out how to learn them better with LoL boosting.

The 7 Best Champions to Take Up When Playing League of Legends

We’ve prepared very short overviews of the 7 best champions of LoL. You can find out more about each of them online and see them in action on boosting sessions.


A tanky guy that regenerated himself. This is how we’d describe this champ. He will stay in the lane the longest if the circumstances give him enough time to heal. Due to his tankiness, Garen is pretty dangerous in terms of enemy damage.


Nasus is one of the most unique characters in the game. He’s also tanky, but you can use him for better abilities and high damage. He can steal life power from other champs, which makes him durable in fights.


This champ is half-dragon (has a dragon as her passive). This means she can damage them and get bonuses for every fallen creature. She performs the best starting with level 6, but you’ll get a lot of use out of her character beforehand as well.


If you need to survive the jungle, then Volibear is your top pick! He can improve his own health when it lowers to a certain mark. You can use it in battles. This is an amazing choice for both aggressive and defensive strategies; a universal hero. 

His Q will easily get the champ out of a difficult situation


Annie is a powerful mid-laner with lots of abilities. The only drawback is her low mobility, but it’s fully compensated for by burst-magic damage and excellent crowd control. With proper targeting and the right timing, you can use this champ to win a battle. Use her to start team fights.


While Annie is amazing for her ability to damage enemies, Morgana is the best for mid-lane due to the special instruments she has up her sleeves. She has incredible aim and precision and can act as a great support champion. Morgana will use her reactions to improve your situation in a fight when allies are damaged.


Caitlyn has the longest range in LoL, at least in the first half of the game. No matter the threat, she can eliminate it early on. Her auto attacks deal the most damage to opponents, even though her kit is pretty basic.

But sometimes the basics are all you need to win!

Try to keep this champ out of close battles because she will become the primary target.

The Best Way to Get Familiar with the TOP Champions of LOL

The knowledge about the champs’ abilities gives you a huge advantage in the field. You know when and whom to use, which is perfect for any fighting tactic.

Different champions suit different lanes and are effective or not to certain opponents. We recommend you get that knowledge beforehand with the method we’re about to present to you.

Why Boosting Is a Good Idea?

LoL boosting is a great way to:

  • Get familiar with the powers of the champions you’ve chosen;
  • Save time on achieving a gaming goal;
  • Get higher in the rankings when you need it quickly;
  • Overcome a difficult fight you can’t win by yourself;
  • Get back to the rank you were at with a new account, etc.

The reasons are plenty and it’s enough for such a business to thrive. Without demand, there would be no companies providing boosting and coaching services. 

How Is Boosting Done?

There are different ways of boosting, including you giving account details to the booster or them playing beside you. The choice is yours, but if you don’t have time or all of this is still overwhelming for you, we would recommend giving a professional full control.

Your job is to choose a great service where the boosters are reliable. Then, you won’t need to worry about your account security or that someone finds out about a pro player helping you rise.

What Service Would You Recommend?

We would recommend Why?

Because this is one of the oldest and most experienced boosting and coaching services for LoL players. Thousands of people get help there and come back from time to time when there’s a difficult fight.

There are lots of reasons why you may need a booster. One of them is to get familiar with the champions you’re playing.

Choose Top-Notch Champs

Any of the aforementioned champions will open the game for you in the best way. And if you decide to try out boosting services, your progress will be super-smooth. Trust the professionals with really difficult battles, and you’ll be able to find out about your champs’ strengths more.

Of course, you should try to play yourself as well. It’s a very interesting world with exceptional champs that can bring you glorious victories. But if there’s a hardship, don’t hesitate to ask a professional for help. Otherwise, you may lose curiosity in LoL, which isn’t desirable, of course!


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