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The Detailed Guidebook To Why A Professional Project Management Certification Is The Right Course For You!

If you are someone who has a set goal to make yourself stand apart from the rest of the pool of project managers that compete against one another in the market, then the PMP certification training is the thing that you need in your life right now! In this world with a rapidly growing number of PMP professionals, there has also been an increased demand and popularity of PMP professionals. And the best part? This certification brings along global recognition which will further open up a myriad of future career options for a successful professional life. If you are feeling a little lost about why should you want to become a PMP certified professional, worry not, just follow our guide which covers all the necessary reasons to become one!

1. The PMP Certification Gives A Massive Boost to Your Credibility:

It is very usual for organizations that are on a hunt for a good project manager to use the certification of PMP as a necessary criterion, which easily filters out a lot of eligible candidates from their pool. Hence, you can blindly have the faith in your project management professional certification to provide you an upper hand as compared to the other non – certified professionals when it comes to the labor market.  This certification not only shouts your refined set of skills but also that you have a hand – on experience when it comes to managing complex projects.

2. Your PMP Certification Opens Up the Gates for a Great Earning Potential:

A recent survey that was conducted by PMI reported that certified PMP professionals generally earn about 20 percent more when compared to the other noncertified project managers. A total of 32000 project managers were surveyed in this study, out of which 72 percent of the certified project managers reported receiving an annual hike in their salary, including other bonuses as well as compensations in the span of the last 12 months. While the average salary of a certified project manager in the US is 91,000 USD, that of a noncertified project manager is only 80,000 USD.

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3. The Certification Course Enhances Your Set of Skills:

Once you are enrolled in the course, it is imperative that you will learn all the aspects of being a project manager, before you receive a certificate. This means that you learn how to initiate, implement, monitor, control, as well as close a project accurately. The PMP certification courses are designed in a way that a candidate gets to learn all the necessary skills, and are exposed to each aspect of a project which is otherwise impossible to learn before you enter a proper workspace.

Final Word

In today’s world, it has become a necessity to keep yourself updated with the latest skills in order to keep yourself ahead of the race. This makes the PMP certification course the right one for you!



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