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The market for children’s bedroom furniture is hot!

Consumers have more choices than ever before, especially with the advent of new and exciting bedroom themes and furniture designs for both boys and girls rooms. Popular cartoon characters alone create so many options for room themes.

But what types of children’s furniture should you buy? Should you go with white, un-finished or the traditional oak furniture in the bedroom? Should it be contemporary or traditional in design? Read on to help you decide what’s best for your child’s bedroom. . .

The Bed – So very many options exist for beds! Whether it’s a race car bed, or a castle, a cell phone, a cartoon character or frog bed, be sure your child’s interest will last for awhile. You won’t want to switch it out relatively soon, so be careful about your decision.

A child’s bedroom with bunk beds is usually a fun option, and there are lots of cool, contemporary designs to pick from. Bunk beds make a lot of sense if two children are sharing a room, and they want or need more play space.

Just make sure one of the children is content with the top bunk for awhile!

Table And Chairs – It’s always nice to have a table and chairs set in both boys and girls rooms. When he or she has friends over, it can be used for coloring, playing a game or pretending they’re in school.

Plus, it can always be moved to a playroom later—versatility rules!

Desk – When purchasing children’s bedroom furniture, some people opt not to get a child’s desk. I really don’t think it’s a good idea, though. Why not do all you can to encourage your child to be studious? If you ask me, the presence of a child’s desk says “let’s study!”

Besides, I always had a desk growing up, and felt it was my own special work space where I did both school work and art projects.

Extra Chair – If you have the space, why not add a cool, extra chair in the corner of your child’s room? The chair can be a fun, outlandish, bean bag chair (since they’re relatively inexpensive), or a funky, trendy chair. I’ve always liked bean bag chairs myself!

I had a bright lime green one as a child. Funny how the bean bag chair still works…but now it has a “retro look”! The chair can be a nice place for your child to read, work on the computer, listen to music or talk on the phone (when older)!

Children’s bedroom furniture should be both fun and functional. Decide what furniture pieces make the most sense given the layout of your child’s bedroom, and his or her interests.

Also, remember that a table and chairs set, desk, and extra chair can be used in both boys and girls rooms, and in a playroom.

For more ideas on kids rooms other than children’s bedroom furniture, click here. Read about decorating a girls room and decorating a boys room.

Decorating A Girls Room – Feel Like a Kid Again!

If you’ll be decorating a girls room anytime soon, you might just want to take some time browsing this section of our website.

You’ll find lots of great kids room decorating ideas, including bedroom themes you’ll love!

 Girls room decorating ideas are just about everywhere you look!

From TV and movie characters to the classic storybook characters, to flower, princess, fairy, butterfly, and animal bedroom themes, and much, much more.

Of course, there’s always the favorite color bedroom theme, too! And guess what color is the most popular for a decorating a girls room?

Pink, of course!

As a Mom or Dad deciding on a new look and feel for your little girl’s room, just imagine being your child’s age again.

You should have lots of fun coming up with a variety of suitable bedroom themes, and doing the actual decorating of your child’s room. Pretend you’re on a magical adventure with your child and see what unique, kids room decorating ideas you come up with!

How about a flowers bedroom theme?

My little niece just loves flowers. Her bedroom has flowers everywhere! Of course, the flowers themselves are all in the same simplistic, graphic style and the colors—pinks, purples, yellows, greens and blues–are all of the same hue so they look really great together.

She has a flower sponge-painted border that lines the ceiling and door frames, and cute flower picture frames on her adorable white desk trimmed with pink. Above her desk is a fun, flower cork board.

And a collage of small flower prints, in white picture frames adorns the opposite wall. The collage is great—the white frames make the flower colors really “pop” and the whole wall has a clean, bright, and graphically interesting look. Girls room decorating can be so much fun!

Decorative Rug with Flowers

Posters work great, too, or frame the beautiful flower photos from last year’s monthly calendar. And how about finding a decorative rug that coincides with your theme?

What is the easy way to narrow down bedroom theme options?

When decorating a girls room, you’re likely to come up with lots of decorating ideas and themes. To help narrow them down, simply ask yourself the following questions:

    What is your child’s favorite color?

    What are her favorite things to do? Does she like arts and crafts? Does she play musical instruments? Is she on any sports teams?

    What type of bedroom themes does she like best?

    What decorating ideas does your own child have? Let her participate fully in deciding what her room will look like!

Finding out the answers to these questions will help narrow down your options–and there are plenty of them with girls room decorating!

Click here for more details on decorating a girls room. Read about decorating a boys room and children’s bedroom furniture.

Decorating A Boys Room – Adventure Awaits!

If you’re decorating a boys room, you might just want to take a few minutes to browse this section of our website.

You’ll find lots of great kids room decorating ideas, including bedroom themes right here…..

 Boys room decorating ideas are full of anticipation and adventure.

From TV and movie characters to the classic storybook characters, to baseball, hockey, racing car, safari, science, and western bedroom themes, and much more! Of course, there’s always the favorite color theme, too, and this can be combined with a graphic element such as cars, sports or animals.

Decorating a boys room should be like child’s play.

Feeling like a kid again is fun! Just imagine being your little boy’s age again. What would you want your room to look like?

Kids room decorating ideas are best when they come from what your child is passionate about! For example, my little nephew is fanatical about race cars. In fact, he has a collection of Hot Wheels too high to count. Out of all the possible bedroom themes, he knew he wanted a racing car theme, and he just loves it!

His bed is in the shape of an actual racing car, his bedroom lamp bases are race cars, and he has a race car light switch plate. He also has adorable race car framed prints above his bed.

The prints are all of red race cars–his favorite color! And a race car play rug sits on the floor, where he eagerly races his favorite Nascar Hot Wheels with his friends!

Selecting suitable bedroom decorating themes is key!

If you pretend you’re on a magical adventure with your child, you’ll come up with unique, bedroom decorating themes and kids room decorating ideas your child will love.

First ask yourself the following questions about your child:

– What is his favorite color?

– What are his favorite things to do? Does he like video games? Sports? Airplanes? Musical instruments?

– What type of vision does he have for his room?

The answers will help you select the best bedroom themes for your particular child. Click here for more specifics on decorating a boys room. Read about decorating a girls room and children’s bedroom furniture.


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