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Trying To Start or Expand Mermaid Dresss A Small Business?

10 Trends That Can Make You Rich With Mermaid Dresss

Trying to figure out a great business to start that has a ready-made audience and lots of potentials, consider the different aspects of these cultural trends, from popular futurist and consultant mermaid dresss.

  1. By 2010, Faith Predicts That 90% Of All Consumer Goods Will Be Home Delivered

You can already see this trend in action as more and more people turn to mail orders, infomercials, and the Internet for routine purchases. It’s fast, easy, and convenient-and, a great opportunity if you’re intrigued by direct response. Find a niche and fill it. I’ll list some more ideas in a moment.

If a direct response isn’t precisely what you’re looking for, you can still cash in on this trend by starting a direct response support business, like copywriting, letter shop, telephone ordering, fulfillment, and shipping.

  1. Time Is The New Money: People Would Rather Spend Money Than Time

From shopping to cleaning to mowing the lawn, people routinely pay others to do “the dirty work.” This has always been true, but the strong economy has put these types of “little luxuries” within reach of a larger audience.

Start an errand, house cleaning, or yard keeping business. If these ideas don’t appeal to you, try party planning, wait-for-the-repair-guy, taxi-the-kids, or handle-the-moving-details business. In truth, the list is endless-just put on your thinking cap. Give people time, and they’ll reward you with their money.

  1. Home Meal Replacement Is Now A $100 Billion Business

Nowadays, a good, old-fashioned home-cooked meal is a luxury. Dine-in, carry out, fast food, pre-packaged, and home delivery rule the day. There are LOTS of ways you can cash in on this trend:

Start a restaurant, catering, lunch kiosk, or prepared meal business. Offer pre-packaged, specialty, or special occasion meals by mail. Create customized menu plans with quick-cook recipes and a complete grocery list. Produce a syndicated column or television show dedicated to “meals in minutes.” In short, either cook for others or show them how to cook quickly and easily, with common ingredients and little clean-up.

  1. 72% Of People Pray Every Day

Faith refers to this as “anchoring”-reaching back to our spiritual roots-and it encompasses such things as religion, spirituality, healing, and family genealogy.

So how can you profit from this trend? Write books, articles, or “how-to” information about your religious or cultural customs. Start workshops or classes centered around these themes. Create biblical crafts, drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc., for sale at different holidays. Offer christening, first communion, Bar Mitzvah, wedding, or other celebratory items by mail. Conduct genealogy searches or offer tours to ancestral lands.

  1. Stressed-Out Consumers Want To Indulge In Affordable Luxuries And Seek Ways To Reward Themselves

Think gourmet coffee, imported chocolate, luxurious sheets—a “step-up” from the ordinary everyday types of things. The market is wide open here, so you can take your pick.

Are you a big tea drinker? Why not offer specialty blends or beautiful tea sets by mail or online? Have a passion for perfume? Create individual scents for your clients. What do you think about catering? Why not specialize in intimate dinners for two (engagements, anniversaries, etc.)?

Faith calls this trend “small indulgences” and sites sunglasses, whitening toothpaste, specialty razors, and other premium-priced packaged goods as “high growth.” Come up with a winner, and your bank account could see some “high growth” of its own!

  1. Awareness That Good Health Extends Longevity And Leads To A New Way Of Life

This trend has been going on for a while and will continue to do so as baby boomers age. Areas of highest growth: organic products, herbal additives, fitness club memberships, and alternative treatments (like acupuncture, magnets, and meditation).

If you’re into health and fitness, this could be your best bet. Grow and sell organic products to local markets, by mail, and online. Write articles or “how-to” information about herbal additives; supplement your income by selling them by mail and online. Become a fitness instructor or personal trainer. Develop easy-to-use/fast results exercise equipment. Produce a syndicated column or television show about healthy eating or simple exercises.

  1. Fantasy Adventures Whet Our Appetites For Roads Untaken

We like to do fun and unusual things, both in our homes and “on the road.” Theme parks, adventure vacations, and unusual foods top the list. How about having part of a film set in your house? What about biblical cuisine or a Vampire wine from Transylvania?

Again, use your imagination here to offer fun and unusual products. Write a “Craziest Weddings” idea book or videotape unusual homes. Put together “murder mystery” dinners where each of the guests plays a different role. Or, if you want to go all out, start a fantasy vacation business offering covered wagon excursions, white water rafting, or photo safaris. One walking tour guide in New Orleans offers ghost tours of the French Quarter on Halloween. Getting off the beaten path may be the road to riches for you.

  1. People Like To Belong To Groups That Represent Common Feelings, Causes, Or Ideals

Love to barbeque? Watch birds? Hunt down the best shoe sales in town? Collect tropical fish? You’re not alone. In fact, you may be surprised how many others like to do or believe in the same things as you.

Write a book or info product about your topic. Start a newsletter or magazine and sell advertising and subscriptions. Create workshops, classes, or a seminar series. Sell “how to” products by mail and the Internet. Niche marketing is very powerful – corner the market in your topic of interest and laugh all the way to the bank.

  1. Home Improvement Is A $143 Billion Business

Can you hang wallpaper? Make mermaid dresss? Paint? Tile? Stencil? Conceptualize the “end product”? Then you can make money with home improvements. While there are plenty of die-hard “do it yourselfers,” this is one area where most people would rather spend money than time.

Whether you’re a tradesman, a designer, an architect, or a supplier, home improvements could be a great place to make your money. You could get “hands-on” and work one-on-one with people, or you could create info products-manuals, videotapes, newsletters to teach people how to do it themselves. You could even start your own syndicated column or television series. Figure out what suits your style, and go for it.

  1. Baby Boomers Find Comfort In Familiar Pursuits And Products From Their Youth

Music compilations, old board games, even the VW bug-all appeal to the 36-54 demographic. You can cash in on this trend in a number of ways: Buy and sell collectibles from the fifties, sixties, and seventies. Start a themed website featuring TV or movie trivia. Start a “Where Are They Now?” paid subscription newsletter featuring musicians, celebrities, or prominent characters from the period. Open a vintage clothing store—Transfer 8mm movies to videotape or compact disc.

Think nostalgia, memories, the innocence of youth. Remember, it’s a HUGE market-so if you find the right idea, it could produce a HUGE return.

To summarize, if you’re looking for ways to make money, become a trend watcher-it could play very well.

mermaid dresss

What Types of Businesses

Are Making Money These Days?

Over the last few months, it’s been curious to see the types of businesses flourishing in the aftermath of the September 11th tragedy. While the travel and technology industries have been hit hard, there are several niche sectors that are doing brisk business these days. If you have an interest in one of these areas, it’s time to make the most of it.

  1. Security

Many companies are re-evaluating their current security and disaster plans from mom-and-pop stores to international corporations. If you have a law, security, or military background, you could consult, write, or speak on the topic.

  1. Business Start-Ups

With so many layoffs and an uncertain future, the newly unemployed or the afraid-they-might-soon-be-unemployed sectors are looking for other ways to make money quickly. If you have tools and resources for this population, now’s the time to pull them out and offer them to this eager market.

  1. Home Decor

Many people who are suddenly afraid to travel are finding ways to improve their everyday spaces instead of escaping them for a few days’ vacations. The craft, floral, and home improvement industries have benefited from this recent trend. If you do home improvements or crafts, or can teach others how to do what you do, now’s the time to turn your talent into cash.


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