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Understanding the Basic Terms of Poker Games

Poker is one of the most intriguing gambling games. Poker is easy to play, but its rule may be complicated. There are some terms and game rules that you have to master before playing poker. These terms and rules may look intimidating, but with consistent practice, you will be able to play poker easily. Poker also requires the ability to bluff. When the players have down to two, each needs to set a poker face to show they have a winning card. This trick might work on another player to fold or take another card and lose.

While playing poker, you need to get the highest five-card hand to win. Yet, you can also pretend that you have it and make your opponent surrender to win. You can place a bet while playing poker. You can call or raise the bet at any stakes, or simply fold in every round. You need to think further about which action you need to take to win. However, you need to understand several important terms in a poker game, so that you can play it easily.

Terms in Poker Game

A royal flush is a five-card hand. It includes the King, Queen, Jack, Ace, and ten-card of the same suit. People consider the royal flush to be the most fantastic poker hand.

A straight flush is a five sequential hand of the same suit. As an example, you get a sequential card of four-card, five-card, six-card, seven-card, and eight-card.

Four of a kind is one of the most fantastic hands after the royal flush. Four of a kind is similar to a straight flush. This hand consists of four same cards, for example, four cards of Aces.

A full house is an eye-catching hand. It consists of three same cards, and a pair of another kind, for instance, triple Kings and double Aces cards.

Understanding the Basic Terms of Poker Games

Flush is a hand of the same kind, for instance, heart cards. It does not have to consists of the sequential card as long as they are of the same kind. As an instance, Jack, King, Ace, ten-card, and seven-card from the same heart kind.

The straight hand consists of five sequential cards that do not have to be the same kind.

Three of a kind is a hand consisting of three cards from the same kind and two cards random. As an instance, triple kings, a six-card, and a seven-card.

Two pair is a hand consists of two pair cards of different kinds and a single card of a different kind as well. As an example, double queens, double sevens, and four-card.

One pair is a hand consisting of three random cards of different kinds and a pair of the same kind. As an example, a pair of ten-card, King, four-card, and three-card.

A high card is the highest card that you have. You can showdown this hand when you do not have the previous hands above.

Those are the terms that you should know in the poker game. After knowing the terms, you can practice playing the game to produce those hands to increase your winning chance in playing poker.


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