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How to Increase Quality Traffic to Blog Posts Rapidly With a Single Post – us internet corp

There were many ways to generate traffic to your content marketing, but how to increase quality traffic to blog posts rapidly with a single post?

Today, I am going to share with you about a content marketing strategy which I hope that it will help for your home business. Well, in the previous post:

    How to plan effective home business budget for kick successful starting

    7 things what you have to do when could not make any affiliate sales

    how to write the articles that could increase affiliate faster

Thus, today this tips: how to increase quality traffic to blog posts rapidly with a single post is for supporting the above three tips. The process of my strategy is follow the bellow three steps

    Create some awesome videos

    Convert video into blog post

    Convert post to PDF, and then

    Submit PDF file to document libraries

    Bookmark and share all post, PDF, and video urls

Okies, I am not going to write about these processes. Would please enjoy it with the bellow video.

How to increase quality traffic to blog posts rapidly with a single content marketing

Well, I hope the tips is useful for your online and mlm marketing business. Also, I just to make sure that you readily know about how to use the internal linking strategy and set up ads on your blog in order to get target visitors to your landing pages.

 I am so sorry that I did not talk in detail about setting landing pages or sales, since I am currently using Empower Network visual blog. Thus, everything is all in one so I ready have it.

At the last, I would ask you join Empower Network team if you are no currently in the business team. I would promise it is the real home business which you will never regret to got in our team. Also, thanks for watching this video: how to increase quality traffic to blog post rapidly with a single article

5 Tips How to Make Your Articles Catch Readers’ Eyes – us internet corp

Today, I am going to share with you about how to make your articles catch readers’ eyes and attractive to stay reading your post. I think that this tip is very important for MLM business and blogging job since the attracting the readers’ attention is one of the most important jobs that you have to do.

You know? The most of online readers not spent their whole time to read to your articles from the beginning till ending. They looking for some interested information and leave it immediately unless you know how to make your articles catch readers’ eyes and delay them to stay on your post.

Well, when you could not keep your readers stay longer in your blog. They may not through to your landing pages or subscribed your mail list, so you may difficult to sell any affiliate products or ask them to your join MLM business team.

Okay, here some tips I would share with about how to make your articles catch readers’ eyes.

#1 clean structures

The articles structure is some important attract the readers stay on reading your articles. Actually, I wrote about this many times in my writing tips. You know? Web readers are not reading your post but they are scanning, they look for some interests’ information and then leave your blog.

So, only make your articles structure clean is important to make them easier to scan your blog post and it is only way of how to make your articles catch readers’ eyes.

You have to divide your tips in small pieces of paragraphs, using headline and sub headline by separate tips. Also, highlight the important point using different color is make them easier to find what they want.

Moreover, you have to use internal linking strategy to provided additional information and make them staying longer time in readings.

#2 unique and attractive images

The images are so important for how to make your articles catch readers’ eyes, I have wrote how to makeup sexy post images. I have told you about how to use images in your blog post.

Okies..! I did a bit review about it. You know? As I told you in above tip, the online readers is scanning your post so that the long articles fully with only the text, may make readers feels boring in reading post skipped your articles without doing any reading.

Thus, the image is an answer about how to make your articles catch readers’ eyes and attracted readers attention and stay reading post. So, be carefully with using an image for your articles.

#3 more than post

You already used the image and divided your tips into small piece of sentences and paragraphs, however some online readers may so lazy because the computer bright and contrast make difficult in readers.

Shit..! How we do now..? That okay we have answer for this people. In order to answer about how to make your articles catch readers’ eyes if feel difficult in reading online contents.

You have to make your articles are more than a post by covert your tips into audios and videos and then embed it into your blog post, so that can help other people who don’t like reading.

Moreover, convert your articles into PDF files attach it anywhere which could readers easy to found and download it. Thus, they can read your post anytime they feel comfortable in reading, so that they come again for information.

It is so important for how to make your articles catch readers’ eyes, so please make sure have linked some relation information in PDF files..!

#4 CTA

I think that the call to action is a significantly for this question. You have to write some articles about discussion topic which ask the reader to consider about your topic and want to share back with you such leave comment.

Also, you have provided them some gifts to your readers such as business report, training and other some interested gifts. You have to use some auto bookmark function which readers just only one click to bookmark you tips.

Please set up auto response for your affiliate blog and MLM business, because it the best way ask your readers back again as well as answer how to make your articles catch readers’ eyes. I recommended Getresponse because it has multi functions improve your working speed, just only $15 for 1500 subscribers.

You know? The most people are so busy with daily work and their business, sometime they not enough time to read your tips. You have to clever and send your tip to those people via email marketing service.

#5 external sources

That cools! Only linking of internet may not enough resource for readers and how to make your articles catch readers. I won’t recommend this to you, if you are not Empower Network because it transfers your readers to your competitors.

You know? I also link my articles to external resources to help my readers get enough information. But it okay for me liked to external resources since I have joint Empower Network affiliate.

You know? I have another visual blogging system of Empower Network, whenever my visitors go through to my Empower Network visual blog I will have the chance to earn %100 commission any they buy Empower Network blogging system.

    The Empower Network Reviewing

    The Empower Network Compsate Plan

That a great way of how to make your articles catch readers’ eyes, I could provide addition information and not need to worry about losing of my readers since it is my visual affiliate blog.

here some articles I always linked:


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