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Automatically Add Social Media Share Buttons In Blogger Template west world media

There is a good news for you blogger guys. According to some sources Google is going to make many changes in the Blogspot blogs. The recent addition of the official team in Blogspot blog template is Social media sharing buttons which includes the popular social media sharing icons like Facebook, Twitter, Email, Buzz and Blogger.

Adding the the social media sharing buttons in the post template you can help your readers to easily share the important article among their followers and friends. Before the addition of the automatic facility you had to add the social media share buttons in the blogspot template manually. But now you can add the Facebook, Twitter etc icons automatically in the template.

How to add the Social media button in the blogger template

To add the Facebook, Twitter, Email, Buzz and Blogger buttons in your blogger template log-in to your blogger account. Then you need to click on “Design” and then the “Edit” link of the Blog Post section. This will open the “Configure Blog Post” window.

Check in the box labeled as “Show share buttons”.

Obviously this facility will help to make your post available for sharing in the social media. This addition is helpful  especially to those who are not so familiar with the template coding and designing. Thanks Harsh.

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Access Facebook/Orkut If blocked in Your School College Or Office west world media

Did you try to access Facebook or Orkut account when you are in school, college or office? You must found that you are blocked when you are trying to access them, mainly social networking sites. Most of the organizations block the social networking websites to prevent people from access them.

If you are a very big fan of Facebook or Orkut like me then you must have tried some methods to access those blocked websites. But don’t worry! There are various ways to access the blocked websites. I’ll describe the methods. But for your knowledge, I want to say how the administrator of the network system blocks the Facebook, Orkut or  any other?

The urls of the website, you generally type in the address bar are originally an IP address. Every website has an unique IP. So when you browse any website typing the website url, computer matches the url name with its IP address. This job is done by the DNS server. DNS server is a computer, registered with the network which keeps the data of all the websites and corresponding IP addresses. So if any body blocks the IP address in DNS server then all the client of that DNS server won’t have the access that website. Here the tricks plays.

The Facebook, Orkut are blocked in your college or office because the administrator has blocked site in the DNS server. So now you can easily imagine that what I’m going to do. To unblock the site you can use another DNS server. It is quite easy. You can use OpenDNS servers or Google Public DNS servers.

If you are using Windows then go to Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections and then right click on connection status icon which you are using to access internet. Now chose “Properties” and then Internet Protocol(TCP/IP).

Put any one of the  following values in the DNS server address

OpenDNS server address:

Google DNS server address

Make sure that your institution or office is not using the DNS server which you going to use. Once you changed the DNS server you can access facebook, Orkut or any other websites you want.

If you know any other way then share with me.

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Easily Tweet from Firefox Address Bar by TwitterBar Extension west world media

Twitter is now most popular social network in this generation. A number of Twitter applications to update and monitor our twitter status are available. Here we introduce another wonderful Firefox add-on TwitterBar for quick tweet from your browser address bar. It will help you to make your twitter account easily manageable and accessible.

TwitterBar is a facilitative Firefox extension which provides you to post tweet from your Firefox address bar with a single click. You can easily handle more then one twitter account with this utility. This extension adds a new small icon to the address bar which helps to manage your tweets in various way. It also integrates social search which is very useful to find the latest social news and tweets from address bar.

How To Use

  1. Download and install TwitterBar add-on. After installation restart the browser to get effect.
  2. As soon as you install it will add a new small icon in your address bar.
  3. To post your tweets just type your message in the address bar and click on the icon. You can also see how many character left in your post.
  4. At the very first time, you will be asked for authorization to access your twitter account from TwitterBar. Click “OK” to continue.
  5. To connect your Twitter account with TwitterBar enter your Twitter log-in information and click on “Allow”.
  6. Wait for while for completing the authorization. Now post your message on Twitter. You don’t need to repeat the authorization procedure in next time.

Customize the TwitterBar

  • If you want to customize TwitterBar option then right click on the icon and choose “Option”. A new “TwitterBar Option Dialog” window will appear. Here you can set different setting on TwitterBar.
  • If you want to add new account with TwitterBar then click on “Add Account” and sigh in twitter with new account. Now whenever you post it will ask to choose the account from a list of authorized account.
  • To search type your search term in your address bar and click on pink icon. It will show latest news and tweet on OneRiot respect to your search.

Key Features

  • Post your tweet directly from your browser.
  • Tweet currently browsing page with a single click.
  • Manage multiple twitter account.
  • Search the social web from address bar.

If you are Twitter addict then give it a try and put your feedback in the comment section.

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Two Cool Firefox Add-ons For Facebook Photo Lovers west world media

If you are too much addicted with the most talkative social networking site Facebook  then you might enjoy to chat with your group friends as well as share photos, favorite videos, links and so many things. Two cool Firefox add-ons allow Facebook users to download their friends or  specials ones photo album with a single click and to view the album photos in “Zoom in” mode. Let’s have a look on those Firefox add-ons.

Download Photo Album With FacePAD add-on

You can download the photos of your friends or any photo album from Facebook account one by one. But it is so boring and time consuming process. FacePAD is a awesome Firefox add-on which helps you to download the complete photo album from Facebook with a single click. Here, learn you how to download the photo album with FacePAD.

  • Download and installed the Firefox add on FacePAD.
  • Restart your Firefox. select “Tools->add on” and “Enable” the FacePAD add on.
  • Open your facebook account and go to your friend’s album which one you want to download.
  • Right click on the album and select the option “Download Album With FacePAD“.
  • Now all the photos of this album will be downloaded to your download folder.

Show Facebook Photos in Zoom In mode With Photo Zoom

Sometimes you do spend your time in Facebook to view photos of your friends or family from their profile or photo album. The photos are arranged in the album in thumbnail format. So to view this photos in actual size you have to open one by one. Isn’t it very boring? Photo Zoom is an awesome Firefox add-on which help you to Zoom in the photos in actual size by placing the mouse pointer on the image. You can also view the photos from your friends updates with actual size in your wall. Just download the Facebook PhotoZoom and enjoy the Facebook photos by setting Zoom in mode with your mouse pointer.

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