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What are the Major Damages Usually Sustained in Car Accidents in Beaverton?

There are a variety of damages that can be sustained in a car accident. Motor vehicle accidents can cause major damages to people’s vehicles, properties, and their own bodies. Therefore, it is important to know the major damages usually sustained in Beaverton car accidents. These damages include injuries, large medical bills, lawsuits, if the driver was at fault, then the person who caused the accident will be held responsible for these costs.

After a car accident, it is very important to consult with a Beaverton accident lawyer who can help you recover damages. These damages, which include lost wages and medical expenses, can be substantial. In Oregon, there is a statute of limitations for the amount of time one has to file a claim for these damages as well as injuries. If someone doesn’t file their claim within this time frame, they will not be able to collect any compensation from the negligent party.

Let us now see the major damages common among car accidents in Beaverton.

  • Physical injuries

Numerous people in and around the Beaverton area have sustained injuries due to car accidents. Physical injuries can range from minor to life-threatening, depending on the collision’s severity. Most vehicle accidents are caused by driver negligence, such as speeding, drunk driving, and aggressive behavior. When you’re injured in an accident, it’s important to consult with a doctor immediately for treatment.

  • Property damage

Property damage sustained in car accidents is a common occurrence. The severity of the damage can vary, depending on what type of accident caused it, as well as the conditions during the accident. 

  • Medical expenses

In Beaverton, Oregon, car accidents can cause a variety of medical expenses. The severity of the injury will determine the level of care needed and the amount of money it will cost. Minor injuries often require a small amount of time at a clinic in order to make a full recovery. More severe injuries may require emergency surgery or inpatient hospitalization for weeks or months for the patient to have a chance at a full recovery.

  • Lost wages

Many people suffer lost wages due to car accidents in Beaverton. With the increase in traffic, it is becoming more and more difficult to avoid an accident. However, you’re not helpless if you’re involved in a crash. There are many ways to collect compensation for your injuries and lost wages after a crash- one of the most effective ways is by speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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