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Merge Online Contacts with Gist, an Online Address Bookworkbook6

It is hard to manage all the contacts spread across your online profiles like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and emails. In this days people are so much engaged with social networking sites and naturally they have various contacts in their accounts. Gist connects the online accounts and merge the contacts into a continuously updated online address book.

Gist is a simple and easy to navigate online social CRM. But, it requires the permission of accessing your internet profiles before it works. Unlike many social networking apps, it won’t ask you to give your username and password. You have to just grant the access of your accounts, which you can revoke any time though. Do read their privacy policy.

Getting started with Gist requires the registration with your Full name, email address and password.

Once you are done with filling up the required fields, you will receive a confirmation email with the activation link in your email address. You must click on that link to activate your Gist profile.

Once you activated your account, you are free to connect your email accounts, social network profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. All the account types that can be added with Gist are separated with appropriate headings at the left side. Just click on a category and connect your account by clicking on the “Connect” button. After getting connected all your accounts that you want with Gist, click “Finish” at the left side.

It will take some time for the initial sync to get placed and for processing the contacts. Once the sync has been processed constantly, any changes will be updated in Gist in a moment.

You can find all your contacts at the dashboard arranged chronologically.

Gist also provides your own public profile to interact with people via Gist. It is totally free of cost and excellent web application as your online address book.


Synchronizing Firefox Browsing Data, Passwords, Bookmarks Across Devicesworkbook6

I’m great fan of synchronizing data like files, folders across multiple computers or devices for faster and secured use of the resources. Previously, I’ve written various articles about the data synchronization software Dropbox. I also wrote an article on synchronizing data between Google Docs and Dropbox.
Another interesting fact on data sync is synchronizing your browsing data like the browsing history, passwords, bookmarks between the Firefox browsers across multiple computers or devices. The data replication between Firefox definitely makes you easy and faster when you are with multiple devices,computers having connected with internet.

Firefox Sync is a built-in feature of Firefox 4 that manages and syncs your browsing elements and credentials across the devices. Hence, to get started with this new sync feature, download Firefox 4 Beta for free. Once you are done with the download and installed it successfully in your computer, create a Sync account from Tools > Setup Sync at Firefox menu. You can go through the following steps in way to setup the Sync account from your computer.

  • Click on Tools > Setup Sync and you should get a window asking you to create a new account. Click on the “Create a New Account” button.
  • Put your email address, password, confirmation password at the Account Details window. Here, your personal server could be set for the synchronizing server. By default Firefox provides it. You can change it and select your own from the dropdown box though. Click Next.
  • Now your account will be created and you will be given a unique sync key for your privacy. i.e if you want to synchronize your data in Firefox on a different computer, you must give that sync key. So it is well enough to understand that how much essential the sync key is. Save it to your computer or keep a print out of it by clicking on the Save button or Print button respectively and click Next.
  • As Firefox is too much alerted on the issue of spammer, it requires you to fill out a Captcha code in the next step.
  • After filling the correct Captcha code click on the Next button and then click the Finish button to complete.

Note: If you are still on the lower version like Firefox 3.0 or higher but less that version 4.0 you can download the extension to your desktop from here. The downloaded file is XPI file. To install that extension, click on the file and select to open it with Firefox. Firefox will start the installation procedure.

Once the extension gets installed, you can create the new sync account following the above steps.

Connecting a computer with your sync account

In the new computer open Firefox and go to Tools > Options. At the Options window

  • Flip to the Sync tab and click Set Up Firefox Sync.

Now click on I Have A Firefox Sync Account and put your sync account email address and password then click Next.

  • It will ask you to put your sync key. Put down the key that you saved previously and click on Next.
  • After it accepts your key, you will get the setup completion message and click finish to get started with the synchronization.

Learn more about connecting devices like iPhone, Android etc. from here.


How To Get An Extra 768 MB Dropbox Space For Freeworkbook6

Dropbox is the easiest way through which we can share and sync files.

The free account of Dropbox has 2GB space but you can avail free space via referral sign ups.

Dropbox has introduced an easier method through which you can get extra 768 MB by log in to get 768 MB of storage free you will have to accomplish few tasks and to accomplish each task you will be given 128 MB of space.

The tasks involved to get free space:

Connect your Twitter account with Dropbox – 128 MB.

Connect your Facebook account with Dropbox – 128 MB.

Follow @Dropbox on Twitter – 128 MB

Tweet about Dropbox – 128 MB

Update your Facebook status message – 128 MB

and you need also to send a feedback about Dropbox to get 128 MB in the last step.

All the above mentioned steps are easy to follow and you won’t have to wait for the referral sign ups to get free space.

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